Cancer Sun with Moon Signs

The Moonchild's Moon

Woman outside looking up with sunlight

Tara Moore/Taxi / Getty Images

Like the luminary it's ruled by (the Moon), Cancer's moods wax and wane, for a very changeable nature. From bright with a loony laugh, to dark and brooding, the Moonchild has many faces. 

What about the Moonchild's Moon? The Moon sign, its quality, and element, as well as house position, is a giveaway to the emotional underpinnings. Cancer can be enigmatic, even to themselves! Knowing the emotional rhythm of the Moon is revealing. 

It's a window to knowing what makes the sensitive Cancer feel secure. The homebody sign has to come home often to refill the well, and the Moon shows the way.

Find out your Moon by looking for the symbol on the birth chart.

Aries Moon

Sun and Moon square, for forceful outbursts of emotion. Tends to take slights personally and come out swinging. Confrontational, but might not see outside own subjective take. Courage to express sensitivity. Craves catharsis, often with a physical challenge. Tough lover. 

Taurus Moon

Moon is content here. A sensualist, happy to tend their own garden. Gets stuck at times, like in resentment, holding a grudge. Loves to feed friends and family. Comes home when earthing, in nature or with hands-on crafts. Relaxes with massage, home-cooked meals, cozy atmosphere.

Gemini Moon

A potentially anxious nature, especially when overstimulated. Fares better with a minimal influx of frequencies. Recharges by reading, via music -- whatever has an atmosphere, a home for the imagination. Curious and caring.  

Cancer Moon

Double Cancer! Central purpose (Sun) is backed by instincts, emotions (Moon). A nurturer, with a heartfelt way of engaging. Intimately feels the lineage of the past, family, and sense of place. A strong imagination leads to dreams or nightmares -- the path of self-expression is one of sharing what's personal and universal. Rests at home, with cozy comforts. 

Leo Moon

A loyal friend and a Moonchild with a streak of sunny optimism. A sense of being special, with a strong focus on (family) origins. Dramatic, with instincts of the performer. Can banish friends and even family, if there's disrespect. Loves celebrations and holidays. Recharges with play, adventures, creating with color and being with special friends.

Virgo Moon

Finds some stability in a daily routine, craves order. Can experience fluctuating health, and be involved in managing symptoms. Rituals of purification and self-care are critical to well-being. Nervous with too much chaos, noise, and change in general. Revives self with time to tune into needs of the day -- what's today's prescription for the mind, spirit, and body?

Libra Moon

Sun and Moon angle in a tense square. The instinct for harmonious give-and-take is at times eclipsed by total submersion in their own emotional atmosphere. Emotional independence is hard-won. A thoughtful sounding board, and natural friend that feels like family. Finds peace in aesthetically pleasing places, and relaxing at home with beloved.

Scorpio Moon

At times well-defended, with real trust earned over time. Once betrayed, nigh impossible to open to that person again. Undergoes extreme transformations again and again. Very private, mysterious with veiled emotional intensity. Love is all or nothing. Recharges with time to tune into the deeper soul demands -- moving psychic energy, what will it take? Strong sexual drive.

Sagittarius Moon

A rare Cancer with a heart for traveling. Takes "home" on the road, world as home. A journey to resolve contradictions between freedom-loving, and desire to be part of a close-knit tribe. Brings a personal touch to adventuring and knowledge-seeking -- it's a story carried close to the chest. A warm adviser, educator or parent. Chills with mind-expanding studies, a physical challenge or on the pilgrim trail.

Capricorn Moon

Sun and Moon are opposite -- born at the Full Moon. The instinct to be reserved with emotion on one side, with a natural empathy for reaching out on the other. Aware of standing in society. Can fall into deep melancholy. Recharges well with solitude, being wholly undisturbed. 

Aquarius Moon

A natural visionary for efforts that are inclusive -- a rising tide lifts all boats. Has an observer's soul, for more clarity and less emotional dependence. A sparkle in the eyes telepaths acceptance. Can be remote at times, and in own world. Thrives with lots of inspired social contacts. 

Pisces Moon

Own personal memories and impressions are a river that opens to the all-consuming sea. A mystic's heart. A journey to self-definition, out of lostness. Time alone is restorative, but too much leads to isolation. A deeply empathic soul, that makes a difference to the downtrodden. Feels what others feel, giving them much gold for artistic expression.