Capricorn and Pisces Love Compatibility

Spirits in the Material World

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What's so very different Capricorn and Pisces, is what captivates, and draws them together. Each offers to the other, a perspective that rounds them out, adding dimension to their lives.

A guarded Capricorn turns to butter around the charming and gentle Pisces. If Pisces is finding their feet, Capricorn senses a way to be useful and take charge. Pisces doesn't mind if Capricorn leads the way, as long as the venues are atmospheric and artful.

Pisces has a spiritual outlook, so it helps if Capricorn also has a sense of the ineffable. It might be synchromysticism or yoga, an artistic pursuit or the zen of everyday life. The form matters less to Pisces than the sincerity behind it.

If there's a love vibe, physical intimacy soon follows. Both signs go deep into pleasure, when there's real care and trust.

Love Gifts

A floundering, aimless Pisces finds the real world focus and drive of Capricorn inspiring. Pisces sees an anchor in Capricorn, who in turn, is satisfied to be in that role. In Pisces, the Goat sees a gentle, imaginative person that could use some career coaching. In Cap, Pisces sees a nose-to-the-grindstone character that needs the balance of creative and spiritual nourishment. When they meet at the right time, it's a match with mutual benefits.

Pisces sees a Rock type, admiring the Goat's ability to make things happen. It's often said that Pisces thrives with a guiding hand and Cap is happy to play that lead role. Capricorn sees someone tuned into a world beyond what's tangible, and this intrigues.

Pisces has the sensitivity and compassion to understand the Goat's dark days.

Capricorn's real symbol is the Sea-Goat, one that climbs mountains AND plunges the depths. It's in the private deeply intimate moments between these two where the enduring bond is created.

It's a case of opposites attract, and that's the gift and the challenge of this duo. Capricorn deals with reality, as they see it, and likes to see tangible rewards for their efforts. Pisces is more apt to wile away the hours in dreamy contemplation, and this may or may not lead to something concrete.

Straight or Wavy?

The Goat gets exasperated when Pisces resists following a linear path to success. Pisces takes a spiraly path toward its goals, and can't be rushed. Capricorn needs to be patient, and Pisces will do well to carve out some space in which to dream uninterrupted.

Trouble turns to abusive patterns, if Capricorn is too unyielding and Pisces falls into a victim role. It's hard for Cappy to respect someone who has no self-definition, and is lost in fantasy or addictions.  Capricorn likes to help those that help themselves.  More on the Dark Side of Capricorn.

Both signs become paralyzed at times with moods, and this is where stagnation slows things down. Time apart, to travel or explore new solo learning challenges, helps to get some distance.

They're no doubt an odd couple, and this shows up most at home. Capricorn likes an orderly home, and to steadily build up a financial empire. The Pisces routine is more chaotic, and they're more motivated toward ephemeral rewards like creative fulfillment.

The best scenario is when other planets are in harmony. When all goes well, this match is more than the sum of its parts. it's an alchemical dream team, marrying the best of heaven and earth.

Upside: Strange humor; sense of timelessness; soulful; sensuality; shared desire to retreat; miracles possible.

Downside: dark moods; domineering and dominated; harsh and super sensitive; worldly and otherwordly.

Quality and Element: Cardinal Earth (Capricorn) and Mutable Water (Pisces)

Capricorn and Pisces Love Story

Capricorn male, Pisces female:

"Everything I lack, he has.

Everything he lacks, I have. Together we create this strong, true bond that could literally go anywhere. This is the most stabilizing relationship I have ever had. I really believe for the first time, I'm important and he has helped me overcome my addictions, and see clearly. He has been there through every little breakdown that no one else would have patience for. We have fights because I like to escape my problems and he likes to face them. But when we both share a common goal, my god we soar. We're both so willing to understand each other and sit and talk and talk it through until were healed together and even stronger. Our connection is so intense, when he looks at me I feel his power and I feel almost controlled in a good I'm protected and taken care of like I can depend on him and everything he is makes me believe in myself. He is my best friend, no doubt about that. I can say and do whatever I please and he is right there laughing with me."

—Guest sarah