17 Possible Career Paths for Biology Majors

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Are you thinking of getting (or are you in the process of getting) a degree in biology? Fortunately, students who graduate with a degree in biology have more career options than just teaching or going to medical school — although those can be awesome careers, too.

17 Careers for Biology Majors

  1. Work for a science magazine. Interested in all kinds of biology? Or maybe just one particular field, like marine biology? Find a cool science magazine you love and see if they're hiring.
  2. Work at a research company. There are some amazing companies out there doing some pretty amazing research. Use your degree and training to get in on the action.
  3. Work at a hospital. You don't always have to have a medical degree to work at a hospital. See what options are open for those with a science background.
  4. Work at a non-profit focusing on science. You can work for an organization that teaches science to kids or that helps improve the environment. And you can sleep well at night knowing that you're really doing good work all day, every day.
  5. Teach! Love biology? You probably do because you had an awesome mentor introduce you to it at some point during your education. Pass that passion on to someone else and make a difference in the lives of kids.
  6. Tutor. If full-time teaching isn't your thing, consider tutoring. While science/biology might come easily to you, it doesn't for everyone.
  7. Work for the government. Working for the government may not have been what you imagined yourself doing with your degree, but it can be a cool job you enjoy while also helping your country (or state or city or county).
  8. Work for an environmental company. It can be a non-profit or a for-profit, but helping to protect the environment is a great way to put your biology degree to work.
  9. Work in agriculture and/or botany. You can work for a company that helps improve farming or one focusing on biomimicry.
  10. Work for a science museum. Consider working for a science museum. You can be involved in cool projects, interact with the public, and see all the neat stuff that happens behind the scenes.
  11. Work for the zoo. Love animals? Consider working at the zoo and having the kind of job that rarely, if ever, requires the stuffy suit-and-tie routine.
  12. Work at a veterinary office. If the zoo isn't your thing, consider working at a veterinary office. You can put your biology degree to work while also having an interesting, engaging job.
  13. Work at a food research company. Many companies need food researchers with a background in science. Jobs like these are definitely non-traditional and super interesting.
  14. Work at a pharmaceutical company. If you're interested in medicine but aren't sure if medical school is your thing, think about working at a pharmaceutical company. Your background in biology can be put to good use as you work to create products that will improve the lives of many people.
  15. Work for a perfume or makeup company. Love makeup and perfume, or at least find them interesting? Those pretty little products have a lot of science behind them — science you can get involved in.
  16. Work at a college or university. You don't necessarily need to be a professor or have a doctorate to work at a college or university. See what departments are hiring that can put your training to use.
  17. Consider joining the military. The military can be a fantastic place to put your degree in biology to use, continue your training, and help your country. Check in with a local recruiting office to see what options are available.
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