16 Careers for Communications Majors

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You've probably heard that being a communications major means a lot of job opportunities will be available for you after graduation. But what, exactly, are those opportunities? What are some of the best communications major jobs? 

In contrast to, say, having a degree in molecular bioengineering, having a degree in communications allows you to take a variety of positions in a variety of fields. Your problem as a communications major, then, is not necessarily what to do with your degree but which industry you'd like to work in.

Careers in Communications

  1. Do public relations (PR) for a large company. Working in the PR office of a large regional, national, or even international company can be an exciting experience.
  2. Do PR for a small company. A huge company not your thing? Focus a little closer to home and see if any local, small companies are hiring in their PR departments. You'll get more experience in more areas while helping a smaller company grow.
  3. Do PR for a nonprofit. Nonprofits focus on their missions — the environment, helping kids, etc. — but they also need help running the business side of things. Doing PR for a nonprofit can be an interesting job you'll always feel good about at the end of the day.
  4. Do marketing for a company with interests that parallel your own. PR not quite your thing? Consider using your communications major in a marketing position at a place that has a mission and/or values you are also interested in. If you love acting, for example, consider working at a theater. If you love photography, consider doing marketing for a photography company.
  5. Apply for a social media position. Social media is new to lots of folks — but many college students are very familiar with it. Use your age to your advantage and work as a social media expert for a company of your choosing.
  6. Write content for an online company. Communicating online requires a very specific skill set. If you think you have what it takes, consider applying for a writing/marketing/PR position for an online company or website.
  7. Work in the government. Uncle Sam can offer an interesting gig with reasonable pay and good benefits. See how you can put your communications major to use while helping your country.
  8. Work in fundraising. If you're good at communicating, consider going into fundraising. You can meet lots of interesting folks while doing important work in a challenging job.
  9. Work at a college or university. Colleges and universities provide a lot of communication jobs: admissions materials, community relations, marketing, PR. Find a place you think you'd like to work — possibly even your alma mater — and see where you can help out.
  10. Work at a hospital. People receiving care in a hospital are often going through a difficult time. Helping to make sure that the hospital's communication plans, materials, and strategies are as clear and effective as possible is noble and rewarding work.
  11. Try going freelance. If you have a bit of experience and a good network to rely on, try going freelance. You can do a variety of interesting projects while being your own boss.
  12. Work at a start-up. Start-ups can be a fun place to work because everything is starting from scratch. Consequently, working there will provide you with a great opportunity to learn and grow with a new company.
  13. Work as a journalist at a paper or magazine. True, the traditional print press is going through a rough period. But there can still be some interesting jobs out there where you can put your communications skills and training to use.
  14. Work on the radio. Working for a radio station — either a music-based local station or something different, like National Public Radio — can be a unique job that you can love for life.
  15. Work for a sports team. Love sports? Consider working for a local sports team or stadium. You'll get to learn the ins and outs of a cool organization while helping with their communications needs.
  16. Work for a crisis PR company. Nobody needs good PR help like a company (or person) in crisis. While working for this kind of company can be a bit stressful, it can also be an exciting job where you learn something new every day.
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