Caring for Your Inner Self

Recharge Your Energy Reservoir

Sometimes we find ourselves getting so dragged down by the seriousness of our professional and personal responsibilities, we forget to smile. And when that happens, we end up getting tired, frustrated, impatient, irritable, and blue. As our inner reservoir of energy gets more and more polluted by the stress of daily life, we either begin to fall ill, or as a young entrepreneur said to me recently during a reading "I'm scared I'm fading away."

He was right, his positive energy batteries were fading to a tiny blip on his aura and needed instant healing. Healing, which had to begin only when he gave himself permission to care for his inner self.

When asked about his last break, he looked blank. When I explained that I wasn't referring to a beach-side holiday or a trip overseas, just simply some time out to recharge his own batteries, in a consciously healing manner, doing something that was good for his mind, body and soul, he got my point.

"You mean golf" he exclaimed, his eyes glowing. And made a mental note to tee off on his favourite course this weekend.

His energy field changed and began to buzz with anticipation and his intent to heal himself brought a radiance into his being.

Inner Reservoir of Positive Energy

All of us possess an inner reservoir of positive energy, some call it inner fire, some call it inner light, but to me it’s like a deep well of goodness. And like all reservoirs, it needs to be cleansed regularly and maintained if we are to make a difference as light workers on this planet. Intuitively, I feel we have all been given the tools to know just what is really good for us, what feels good for us and what we need to do to make our souls glow from within.

So while the young golfer is swinging his clubs somewhere in the grass, humming to himself, why don’t we all allow our inner voice to lead us to that one activity, place or treatment that helps us to relax, smile and pirouette back into the routine of our lives, sufficiently recharged and raring to go. How about doing it?

Mita Bhan is a psychic tarot reader and Reiki Master based in DLF City, India. She has been on the path of self discovery since 1997. Mita also draws from her knowledge of color therapy, aromatherapy, feng shui, and crystal therapy while guiding her healing clients. She has written several published articles about alternative healing and tools for divination.