Carlos Quintana

Originally from Colombia, Carlos is a professional Web Content Editor, Writer and Journalist with extensive knowledge of Latin music. In the past, he was actively involved in the elaboration of the Latin music database for the Yahoo! Music site.


His experience for this role can be divided in two different parts. On the one hand, his editorial career has provided him with the necessary skills to produce and manage the content for the Latin Music Site. On the other hand, his unique set of life experiences have further nurtured Carlos' love and passion for Latin music.

In fact, thanks to his personal connection to Latin music (and a little bit of talent) Carlos has experience teaching people how to dance Salsa and Merengue, playing Latin music as a DJ, and even singing for a Salsa band in California! A unique set of experiences that reflect his own passion for Latin Music.

Carlos Quintana

I absolutely love Latin music. I have been listening to Salsa, Latin Rock, Bossa Nova, Vallenato and all the rhythms that belong to the Latin music realm since I was born. I am happy I can share through this channel my passion and knowledge of Latin music. When I am not writing, I like to play a little bit of Latin music with my guitar.

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