Carly Silver

As the ancient and classical history expert, Carly Silver serves as a tour guide  through antiquity; as an assistant editor for Harlequin Books, she knows what makes a good story. Residing in Brooklyn, New York, Carly is passionate about bringing the unusual and weird sides of the ancient world to life, as she's done in her lecture series "Game of Thongs," dishing all about dirty, sexy antiquity.


Carly interned at Archaeology magazine, interviewing esteemed professors about their research and investigating the stories of long-buried queens and ancient sites. Later, she wrote for, where she created character profiles for mythological heroes and creatures, ranging from titans of Irish mythology like Cuchulain and Conor mac Nessa to Egyptian deities, such as Hathor and Aten.


Carly graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University, in 2012. There, she received departmental honors and a Tow Fellowship for her senior thesis, which examined the religious and cultural hybridization present in curse tablets from Roman Britain, specifically Bath. In the spring of 2012, Carly presented her research at Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies’ Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Carly Silver

“One will do all you say

If you are versed in writings;

Study the writings, put them in your heart,

Then all your words will be effective.

Whatever office a scribe is given,

He should consult the writings;

The head of the treasury has no son,

The master of the seal has no heir.

The scribe is chosen for his hand,

His office has no children;

His pronouncements are his freemen,

His functions are his masters.”

Excerpt from Miriam Lichtheim’s Ancient Egyptian Literature: the New Kingdom (Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2006), 140.

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