What a Casino Concierge Host Does

Photo Courtesy of (Angel Fire Press)
Montbleu Casino Lake Tahoe. Photo Courtesy of (Angel Fire Press)

A casino concierge can be an invaluable source of information about the resort, rooms, restaurants and all other amenities available. Some resorts also have a special concierge floor in the hotel that offers high quality rooms with a higher standard of decorating and an over-all step up from their basic rooms. Concierge-level rooms carry a premium price as much as 50-percent above standard room rates.

What you can expect to find for the extra cost is a reception desk with flowers, newspapers, and complimentary food and drinks, sometimes served by a bartender. Workers in this area handle guest requests for room related issues, but can also book reservations for shows, restaurants and spa visits.

A concierge office may also be found in the hotel lobby or near the casino floor where guests go for all types of information. When this is the case, the concierge hosts have all the information about the resort, the town and local events. These can include sporting events, concerts, how to get around town and other locals-type information. Cabs, limos and tickets can usually be ordered and a concierge host can connect players with actual casino hosts who can coordinate additional things like free golf, discounted or free shows and meals as well as hotel rooms at discounted or free rates.

Concierge Host Duties

For a concierge host, the surroundings may be fancy, but the job usually entails answering guest questions about services provided in each of the resort or casino facilities.

However, the job is clean, quiet and dignified. And, the pay usually  starts at well-above minimum wage. You can expect to start at $10 to $12 at most casinos.

The host has access to all the properties amenities and contact information for each venue. This includes operating times and menus for each restaurant, show room times and current entertainers, local event information like sporting events, night clubs in the area and most anything else you can think of.

The concierge host will have a menu from each restaurrant  with serving times, dress codes and price ranges.

Hosts are also expected to know everything about the casino, also. If a player wants to know how to play blackjack, the host will have a player's guide and information about the casino's player's club.

Players that are new to the facility may be issued player's club cards or directed to a club booth where they can signup for the club to earn comps. As mentioned before, experienced players may be asked to wait for a casino host to handle their needs.

Like most entertainment jobs, casinos expect workers to be available for holidays and weekends. Many properties are 24-hours, but most concierge offices are open only during certain hours such as 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. The majority of casino hosts also work those hours, but some may find their hours are during typical graveyard shifts.

If you are new to the gaming industry, this may be the perfect job to start with. You'll learn everything about the property, how things work on the inside, and be able to see if you want to keep your current position or move on to other jobs. Casinos do offer jobs in many different skill levels and pay rates, so don't worry, there are plenty of different casino jobs!