How to Use the French Expression "Ce N'est Pas Grave"

Man sitting at dining table making 'OK' sign
Chris Black/Getty Images 

The French expression ce n'est pas grave (pronounced "s(eu) nay pa grav") is a phrase used in casual conversation, Literally translated as "it's not serious," the expression is commonly understood to mean "don't worry about it, "never mind," or "no problem."  

Usage and Examples

Ce n'est pas grave is a way of brushing off something that was just said or done, and the French use it all the time, in all kinds of situations, such as responding to apologies, clearing up misunderstandings, or letting others know that they're unhurt after, for example, falling off a bike. Informally, it's often shortened to c'est pas grave. For example:

Ma voiture est en panne. > My car broke down.
Ce n'est pas grave, on peut prendre la mienne. > It doesn't matter, we can take mine.
Pardon, j'ai oublié de l'acheter. > Sorry, I forgot to buy it.
C'est pas grave. > No problem.