Celebrating Easter in Japanese

How to Say Words Related to Easter in Japanese

Easter eggs
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Easter is not well known to the Japanese, especially when compared to other Western celebrations, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Halloween.

The Japanese word for Easter is fukkatsusai (復活祭), though, iisutaa (イースター)—which is a phonetic representation of the English word Easter—is also commonly used. Fukkatsu means "revival" and sai means "festival." 

The word omedetou (おめでとう) is used for celebrations in Japanese. For example, "Happy Birthday" is Tanjoubi Omedetou and "Happy New Year" is Akemashite Omedetou. However, there is no equivalent for "Happy Easter" in Japanese.

Vocabulary related Easter:

  • Bunny: うさぎ (usagi)
  • Chick: ひよこ (hiyoko)
  • Chocolate: チョコレート (chokoreeto)
  • Egg: 卵 (tamago)
  • Jesus: イエス (iesu)
  • Christ: キリスト (kirisuto)
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