Fun Ideas for Celebrating Student Birthdays in School

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Teachers celebrate many special days in their classrooms throughout the school year, but birthdays are a special celebration and teachers should make it special for each student. Here are a few ideas for celebrating student birthdays in the classroom.

Birthday Placemats, Balloons, and Covers

Make your students' day even more special by placing a birthday placemat on their desk. When students enter the classroom everyone will know who's birthday it is by looking at the desks. For an added touch you can attach a brightly colored balloon to the back of the students' seat, and cover their chair with a birthday chair cover.

All About Me Poster

When you know it's one of your students birthdays coming up have that child create a special all about me poster. Then, on the day of their birthday, have them share their poster with the class.

Birthday Questions

Each time it is someone's birthday in the class each student gets to ask the birthday student a question from the flower pot. For directions on how to make the flower pot and a downloadable question bank visit Fun For First.

Birthday Graph

Celebrate birthdays in your classroom by having students create a birthday graph! During the first week of school as a class create a birthday graph that will pose as the birthday bulletin board. Above each month, put the students' birthday.

Birthday Bags

Every child loves getting presents on the birthday! So here is an idea that will not break the bank. At the beginning of the school year go to the nearest Dollar Store and purchase the following items: Cellophane bags, pencils, erasers, candy, and a few trinkets. Then make a birthday bag for each student. This way when their birthday comes around, you will already be prepared. You can even print out cute labels that say Happy Birthday with their name in it.

The Birthday Box

To create a birthday box all you have to do is cover a shoe box with birthday wrapping paper and place a bow on the top of it. In this box place a birthday certificate, pencil, eraser, and/or any small trinket. When students enter the classroom have each person make the birthday girl or boy a birthday card (this goes in the box too). Then at the end of the day when it's time to celebrate give the student their birthday box.

Birthday Wish Book

Celebrate each student's birthday by having the class create a birthday wish book. In this book have each student fill out the following information:

  • Happy Birthday, _____
  • My birthday wish for you on your birthday is _______
  • If I could give you a gift I would give you _______
  • The thing I like the best about you is ______
  • Have a great day! From _______

Once students have filled out their page for the book have them draw a picture. Then assemble all of the pages into a book for the birthday student to take home.

Mystery Gift

A fun gift to give to students on their birthday is a mystery bag. Purchase one or more items (the dollar store has great cheap gifts for kids) and wrap the items up in different colored tissue paper. Choose dark colors so the student cannot see what is inside. Then place the gifts into a basket and allow the student to choose whichever gift they want.

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