Celtic Baby Names - Boy

Celtic Names and Meanings

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  • Ahearn: Master of the horse
  • Aidan: Small fire. Alternate spelling is Aiden. This is one of the most popular names in the United States right now.
  • Alec: Derivative of Alexander, means "defender" or "protector."
  • Angus: One who is unique and special. In Celtic myth, Angus Og is a god of humor and wisdom. Angus was also a Pictish king around the eighth century. Alternate spellings include Aengus, Aonghas, or Anngus.
  • Barra: Marksman, or thrower of the spear.
  • Bedwyr: This name is Welsh in origin, and Bedwyr was one of King Arthur's knights. It may be derived from a proto-Celtic word that translates to "knower of the grave," indicating that Bedwyr was the only one who knew where King Arthur was actually buried.
  • Blaine: One who is lean and lanky.
  • Bowen: The son of Owen.
  • Braeden: Traditionally, someone from a dark valley.
  • Brian: Strong one. Alternate versions include Bryan, Bryant, Briant, Briand. In Irish mythology, tales are often told of the great king, Brian Boru.
  • Caedmon: Wise warrior.
  • Caradoc: Dearly loved. In the Welsh myth cycles, Caradoc was a common name. The figure of Caradog Freichfras appears as the ancestor of the great kings of Gwent. He also turns up as one of King Arthur's knights of the round table.
  • Cayden: Spirit of battle. May also be spelled Kaiden, Kaden or Caden.
  • Coinneach: Handsome one.
  • Cormac: Charioteer. Cormac mac Airt was one of the legendary High Kings of Ireland.
  • Cuchulain: In Irish legend, Cuchulain was known as the hound of Ulster, after he killed a fierce guard dog and offered to stand in for it until a suitable replacement was found. Alternate spellings include Cu Chulainn.
  • Desmond: One who has traveled the world, or a knowledgeable man.
  • Dommnailh: A stranger. Variants include Donnal, Donal, Dommhnall.
  • Duncan: The dark-skinned warrior. In William Shakespeare's MacBeth, Duncan is the king of Scotland when the story takes place.
  • Dylan: Faithful. Other spellings include Dillon, Dylen.
  • Eammon: Hidden one. Variant of Edmund.
  • Eaghan: Fiery, passionate. Other spellings include Eaghann, Eoghan or Egan.
  • Farrell: One who is brave, courageous.
  • Fergus: Strong, manly. It is believed to have been a name of royalty amongst the Pictish tribes. Alternate spellings include Fearghus and Fearghas.
  • Finn: Fair, blond. In legend, Finn mac Cool was a great hunter/warrior whose hair turned prematurely white, leading to the name Finn. Other variants of the name include Fionn, Fynn, Fionan, Finnbar, and Finnobar.
  • Gallagher: From the Irish Gaelic, meaning "eager helper."
  • Gavin: Little hawk, possibly falcon.
  • Gawain: From Arthurian legend, Gawain was a strong warrior and defender of the poor. He battled the Green Knight in a tale the represents the conflict between old Paganism and "new" Christianity.
  • Graeme: A small hill. Other spellings include Gram and Graham.
  • Guthrie: Serpent.
  • Herne: The hunter god of the forest. Herne is a god of vegetation and aspect of Cernunnos honored in the Berkshire region of England.
  • Hogan: Youthful.
  • Ian: The grace of God. Alternate spellings include Iain, Ionn.
  • Innes: One from the island.
  • Lugh: Celtic god of craftsmanship and skills. He is honored in August, at Lughnasadh.
  • Keane: Tall and handsome one.
  • Kearney: Valiant warrior.
  • Keith: One who dwells in the forest; also has connections to wind.
  • Kelvan: From near the river. Alternate versions include Kelvin, Kelvyn, and Kelwin.
  • Kenyon: Strength.
  • Lee: A healer. Also used to refer to a pasture or meadow.
  • Llyr: Mythical king found in Celtic legend. He is the father of Bran the Blessed and Bronwen, and is known as a god of the sea.
  • Maddox: Benevolent, compassionate.
  • Malcolm: One who serves St. Columba.
  • Morven: Mariner, perhaps someone who dwells near the sea. Alternate versions include Morvyn and Murvyn.
  • Niall: Champion. Variant or Neal or Neil.
  • Owen: Young fighter.
  • Padraic: Of noble blood. Also spelled as Patrick.
  • Parthalan: In Irish myth, Parthalan was the first man to set foot in Ireland after the Great Flood receded. Variant of Bartholomew.
  • Riordan: A royal poet.
  • Ruadh: One who has red hair, pronounced "Roy." The main character in Sir Walter Scott's Rob Roy is Robert Ruadh Mac Gregor.
  • Seamus: Gaelic variant of James.
  • Sean: The grace of God. Other spellings include Shawn, Shaun, and Sian.
  • Taliesen: The bard. In Celtic legend, Taliesen is the son of Cerridwen, and the greatest of all Welsh poets.
  • Tegan: An attractive man.
  • Tiernan: Lord of the manor.
  • Torin: Chieftain.
  • Trevor: One who is cautious and wise.
  • Vortigern: A great king.
  • Weylin: Son of the wolf. Alternate spellings include Weylyn or Waylon.

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