Certificate Papers

Choose From Traditional or Fun, Modern Papers

Designing your own certificates—whether for the classroom or office—is all about choosing the right fonts and paper. After you choose the right fonts, turn your attention to choosing the right paper. Plain paper is perfectly fine for a certificate if you plan to use a fancy frame or border. If you use plain white paper, use a good quality and heavy-weight paper. Multi-purpose papers are fine for school reports and draft printing but they are too thin to hold up to framing.

At the other extreme, lie special certificate stocks, designed with elaborate borders, many with foil accents. These give an instant certificate look to even the simplest design and are particularly good when the certificate should look professional.

Parchment or other patterned paper is another good choice for certificates. Keep the paper light in color so the text has plenty of contrast. Dark papers or those with strong patterns tend to interfere with graphic elements and colors you use for the text and graphics. A subtle laid- or linen-finish paper also gives your certificate a touch of elegance without overpowering the design.

Most papers come in 8.5-by-11-inch letter size, which is a common certificate size. For smaller certificates, print multiple copies to a page and cut them. If your printer can handle 12-by-12-inch scrapbook paper, you increase your paper options greatly and can turn out some fun, patterned certificates.

Certificate Papers

Goes Lithography Company is the best-known manufacturer of embellished certificate papers. The company offers a large line of preprinted stocks in different sizes for different occasions, usually printed in more than one color and with foil accents. However, Goes certificates aren't the only game in town.

Geographics Parchment Paper with Printed Certificate Borders is also a popular choice. Search the internet for "certificate papers" and you'll see that most of the well-known office supply stores carry a line of certificate stock.

Parchment Paper

Parchment papers are lightly tinted and won't interfere with your text and graphics. Use them without borders or print your own borders. There are many possibilities, but they include:

Laid, Linen and Stone-Finish Papers

Laid finishes and linen finishes are subtle texture patterns on single-color paper. These linen- and laid- finish stationery and resume papers make nice certificates.

Try granite or other stone-finish papers for a visually heavier look.

  • Granite papers in white, ivory, and other light colors, some with 25 percent cotton content

Papers With Graphics

Stationery with printed borders can double as award certificates paper. Not all designs work well in landscape orientation but there's no rule that says certificates can't be in portrait mode. If the theme works, use it.