What Does "C'es Parti" Mean in French?

The French phrase "C'est parti" means "here we go." It's a very useful expression and one that you'll hear often. Let's explore how it's used and a few situations in which you may need it.

What Does C'es parti Mean?

C'est parti is pronounced say par tee. Literally, it means "it left," though a better English translation is "here we go" or "here goes." It can also be used to mean "we're off."

The phrase falls into the informal (familier) register, meaning it's something you would say to family or friends.

A fun variation of this expression is "C'est parti, mon kiki." This is often translated as meaning, "Okay, let's get cracking" with mon kiki acting a simple and fun addition that was not meant to be translated literally. The phrases allons-y and on y va are considered synonyms of c'est parti, with both meaning "let's go."

Using C'est Parti 

The expression c'est parti can be used in many different situations. For example, once you've piled the family into the car, you might say:

  • Tout le monde est là ? Vous n'avez rien oublié ? Allez, c'est parti ! - Everyone's here? You haven't forgotten anything? OK, we're off!

In business, you might also use the phrase at the launch of a new product or at the start of a meeting.

It can also be used whenever something you've been waiting for finally happens. For example, in spring when the weather has been teasing you with warm sun and it finally settles in for good, you can say, "Maintenant, c'est parti !" That translates to, "Now, it [the good weather] is here!"

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