Learn the Meaning of "C'est Pas Vrai" in French

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You'll definitely find the French expression C'est pas vrai! to be a fun and useful addition to your vocabulary. Essentially, you can use it anytime you want to say "No way!" or "You're kidding!"

The Meaning of C'est pas vrai!

The pronunciation of c'est pas vrai is say pa vray. While it literally means "that's not true," it's used in less formal terms such as "No way!" or "I don't believe it!" or "You're kidding!"

Technically, the grammatically correct expression is ce n'est pas vrai, which literally means "this/that/it isn't true." In informal French, the ne is usually dropped to produce the more common phrase c'est pas vrai.

This expression definitely falls into the informal register. It's extremely casual, so best reserved for conversations with family, friends, and other close acquaintances.

Examples of C'est pas vrai! in Context

This phrase can be used in a variety of ways. It may be questioning the truth of a situation as seen in this example:

  • Ce n'est pas vrai qu'il mange cinq fois par jour: It's not true that he eats five times a day.

 It may also be used as an informal gasp of disbelief at something that was just said.

  • J'ai eu 250 € d'amende: I was fined €250.
  • C'est pas vrai!: No way!

Here's another example of when the exclamation may be used when responding to a friend's statement.

  • Il m'a dit de porter une jupe courte: He told me to wear a short skirt.
  • C'est pas vrai!: You're kidding!
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