Chad DiMera Origin and Backstory

The backstory of the popular "Days of our Lives" character

Billy Flynn
Billy Flynn. NBC/Chris Haston

Originally introduced on "Days of our Lives" as the only son of the ultra-respectable Madeline Peterson-Woods, a judge, and Charles Woods, the Salem district attorney, Chad DiMera’s whole world was turned upside down when he learned the truth about his roots: His mom had once been a call girl, and his real father was crime boss Stefano DiMera

Chad was played by Casey Jon Deidrick from 2009 to 2013.

Billy Flynn assumed the role in 2014. 

As Chad grappled with adjusting to his new identity and criminal family, he emerged as an intriguing and complex young man. He's evolved to be one of the most popular characters on the show, and his pairing with Abigail Deveraux created the fan favorite couple "Chabby."

Here's a little bit of the backstory of Chad DiMera.

DiMera Family Ties

Chad gained three siblings when he was revealed to be Stefano’s long lost son; half brothers Andre and EJ, and half sisters Lexie and Kristen. With Stefano's departure (and probable death) in 2017, Chad and Andre are the last surviving members of the DiMera clan. 

His first love was Mia McCormick; the pair had a daughter, Grace, who died when she was a baby. Chad has also been romantically involved with Jordan Ridgeway, but it's Abigail who proved his most enduring match. The couple had a baby, Thomas, in 2015.

Chad's Arrival in Salem

Chad arrived in Salem looking for his old girlfriend, Mia McCormick.

He was anxious to reconcile with her, but she wasn’t interested. Chad transferred to Salem High School and took a job at Java Café to get closer to Mia, but quickly realized something odd was going on with his ex.

As he tried to find out what path Mia's life had taken while he was away in military school, Chad learned she’d been in rehab.

But he didn’t buy it, knowing drugs were never Mia’s thing. Mia fought hard to convince Chad she really was a recovering addict, going so far as to introduce him to her sponsor, Nicole Walker. Chad relented, but deep down knew Mia was hiding something from him.

Chad's Mother and Her Secret Past

Chad became intrigued by his mother's relationship with Will’s grandmother, Kate DiMera. There was obvious tension between the two women and Madeline forbade Chad to hang out with Will, who was now part of the DiMera clan.

Chad and Will came to the realization that Kate and Madeline had a secret. Chad was stunned when Will told him Madeline had been a prostitute. Upon confronting Madeline about her past, she collapsed from a brain aneurysm. Chad’s “father,” Charles, cruelly blamed him for Madeline's death.

A curious Chad began pressuring Kate to tell him more about his mother's past, but she dodged his questions. Kate was torn over whether or not to reveal a huge secret about her deceased friend: the fact that Madeline had had an affair with Stefano DiMera and he was Chad's real father.

Chad Falls for Abigail

Chad ran into Abigail Deveraux at Java Café, where she wrongly assumed he and his nephew, Johnny, were father and son.

 In time, Chad and Abigail talked things out and became friends. Their connection hit a snag when Abigail learned Chad was Stefano’s son.

When Chad overheard Abigail tell Will that her parents were divorcing, he promised to keep the news to himself. Chad and Abigail began commiserating about how difficult it was dealing with their parents. It brought them closer together, and they began dating.

DiMera Mob Wars and Peace Pacts

The young couple’s blossoming relationship was tested as Chad became more involved with the DiMeras and went so far as to move into the family’s mansion. Then, EJ was shot by a Kiriakis henchman.

Chad and Sonny Kiriakis joined forces to end the feud between their families, summoning Stefano and EJ and Victor Kiriakis and Justin Kiriakis for a meeting. The duo was pleased when kingpins Stefano and Victor finally agreed to make peace.

Nevertheless, Chad told Stefano he could never be the son he wanted, as he was determined to lead a good, honest life.