10 Beautiful Chakra Posters You Can Buy

If you've ever been to a yoga studio or a Chinese medicine clinic, you may have seen chakra art hanging on the walls. These colorful works are more than just decorative; they're also practical references for spiritual or psychic healing and wellness. The seven chakras, or wheels of psychic energy called prana, are aligned along the spine from your tailbone to the crown of your head.

  • Muladhara: At the base of the spine, this chakra governs stability and security
  • Svadhisthana: Just below your navel, this chakra rules creativity and sexuality
  • Nabhi-Manipura: Between the navel and sternum, this chakra rules personal energy
  • Anahata: Above the heart, this unites your mental, physical, and spiritual energies
  • Vishuddhi: Over the throat, this controls speech and truth
  • Ajna: On the forehead at the third eye, this chakra rules intuition
  • Sahasrara: At the crown of your head, this chakra rules the spirit

Want to learn more? Then browse from the following chakra art posters and find your favorite.

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Chakra System Poster

The Chakra System Poster
The Chakra System Poster. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Description: This poster illustrates the position of the chakras and explains the significance of each, along with a guide to their traditional energy colors.

Dimensions: 24 inches by 36 inches

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Yoga Chakra Poster

Wall Poster Yoga Wall Poster. Art.com

Description: This elaborate poster illustrates the chakras as well as basic yoga poses or asanas. Images of Hindu deities and quotations adorn the artwork.

Dimensions: 27 inches by 36 inches

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Balance Within Chaos

Chakra Angel Poster
Chakra Angel Poster. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Description: This print is by an Arkansas-based artist named Primal Painter who specializes in spiritual artworks. "Balance Within Chaos" is one in a series of posters inspired by reiki healing.

Dimensions: 8 Inches by 10 inches, other sizes available

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Yoga Postures Poster

Chakra Yoga Postures Posters
Postures And Chakras Chakra Yoga Postures Posters. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Description: Rendered in soothing blues, this poster illustrates several basic yoga poses and their chakra connections. 

Dimensions: 24 inches by 36 inches. Available framed, unframed, or mounted on a plaque.

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Rainbow Tree Chakra Art Poster

Chakra Tree Poster
Chakra Tree Poster. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Description: This beautiful illustration uses the seven chakra colors as the inspiration for the tree's foliage. Printed on canvas-like archival paper. 

Dimensions: 5 inches by 7 inches, larger sizes also available

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Chakras and Mudras

Chakras & Mudras Poster
24" x 36" Chakras & Mudras Poster. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Description: This poster in cool green and yellow explains the link between yoga and the chakra. It also includes illustrations of basic hand positions, or mudras, to use while meditating.

Dimensions: 24 inches by 36 inches

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Affirmative Chakra Girl Poster

Chakra Girl Poster
Transformational Tool Chakra Girl Poster. Courtesy of Amazon

Description: This poster by Lisa C. Swisher describes the location, color, and psychodynamics of each chakra, plus gemstone attributes and daily affirmations.​

Dimensions: 16 inches by 20 inches

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Chakra Energy Anatomy

Artist/Designer: Amy Cade, Debra Becker Chakra Energy Anatomy. Angel Wisdom, LLC

Description: This poster by artist and psychic Debra Becker illustrates the chakras and describes the mental, emotional, and physical conditions they govern.

Dimensions: 11 inches by 17 inches

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Chakra Subtle Anatomy Poster

Chakras Anatomy Poster
Chakras Anatomy Poster. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Description: Discover the Sanskrit names and musical notes associated with each of the seven chakras.

Dimensions: 17 inches by 24 inches

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Theosophy Chakras 1696

Giclee Print Theosophy Chakras 1696. Art.com

Description: This is a replica of a chakra poster from 1696 with notations in French.

Dimensions: 8 inches by 10 inches

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