Champlain College Admissions

SAT Scores, Acceptance Rate, Financial Aid, and More

Champlain College
Champlain College.

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Admissions at Champlain College are largely open. Those with grades and test scores above average have a good chance of being admitted; however, Champlain looks at more that just scores and grades. Students can fill out an application with the school, or via the Common Application (more on that below). In addition to an application, students will need to submit scores from the SAT or ACT, as well as recommendations and a high school transcript. Personal interviews are not required ​but are encouraged. Students interested in applying to any arts programs should check out the school's admissions website for more information about submitting portfolios. 

Admissions Data (2016)

Champlain College Description:

Champlain College is not your typical small private college. When you look at some of the majors that Champlain offers, like game design and radiography, you'll see why. The college does have a liberal arts foundation, but the curriculum is designed to have specific and sometimes niche applications in the world. Students are encouraged to explore their major from the first year, gain practical knowledge, and develop conceptual and critical thinking skills. Students can even bring their own business to college as part of the BYOBiz program and receive course work and mentoring to help with their business goals.

Enrollment (2016)

  • Total Enrollment: 4,778 (3,912 undergraduates)
  • Gender Breakdown: 59% Male / 41% Female
  • 66% Full-time

Costs (2016 - 17)

  • Tuition and Fees: $38,660
  • Books: $1,000
  • Room and Board: $14,472
  • Other Expenses: $2,174
  • Total Cost: $56,306

Champlain College Financial Aid (2015 - 16)

  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Aid: 96%
  • Percentage of New Students Receiving Types of Aid
    • Grants: 96%
    • Loans: 69%
  • Average Amount of Aid
    • Grants: $16,699
    • Loans: $9,795

Academic Programs

  • Most Popular Majors: Accounting, Business Administration, Computer and Information Sciences, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Liberal Arts, Multimedia

Graduation, Retention and Transfer Rates

  • First Year Student Retention (full-time students): 82%
  • Transfer-out Rate: 28%
  • 4-Year Graduation Rate: 54%
  • 6-Year Graduation Rate: 62%

Data Source

National Center for Educational Statistics

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