Make Text or Font Size Bigger or Smaller on Your Screen

Justin Horrocks - E Plus - Getty Images 172200785
Justin Horrocks - E Plus - Getty Images 172200785

Has the text on your screen become so tiny that you have to hunch over your laptop to read it? Do you need new glasses? If that's not the case, try Ctrl + which will increase the size of the font on many devices. It's like a little computer miracle!

How to Change Text Size

If you can't read your screen anymore and your eyesight is just fine, try Ctrl + (plus) on a PC, Command + on a Mac.

If you go too far and the font becomes giant, you can make it smaller with Ctrl - (minus)(PC) or Command - (Mac).

This fix works just fine, but if you want to examine your screen font settings in more detail, we've got the skinny for you from Wayne Embrey of Nerds Computer Services in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He's a tech guru who stays up with the fast and furious changes in the industry.

Windows Font Size Changes

To change the font on your desktop or folders in Windows:

If your Operating System is XP: start button -> control panel -> display-> appearance -> font size.

If your Operating System is Windows Vista/7: right click on desktop -> personalize -> display. You have the option to increase 125% and 150%.

Note: Decreasing the resolution will also increase the font size: right click on desktop -> personalize -> display -> adjust resolution. Choosing 1024 x 768 makes the font very large. Start there and work your way up until you find what works for you.

Browser Font Size Changes

If you use Firefox: tools -> options -> content -> font and color.

Here you can change the default font size for the browser. Note: some websites have their font size set and the browser can’t always change it.

If you use Internet Explorer: menu -> view -> text size. Or, depending on the version, there may be a slider in the bottom right corner you can move to increase the page size, much like zoom.

If you use Google Chrome: customize button -> advanced settings -> web content -> font size.

There is also a zoom option in the "customize button" list.

Don Schechter at has a video on changing text size in Explorer: How to Modify Text Size in Internet Explorer