Channeling Healing Energy

The Fragmented Spirit

Fragmented Spirit
Fragmented Spirit. Jeffrey Conley / Getty Images

Past traumas, emotional hurts, and physical dis-ease can lead to the fragmentation of the spirit. Every time we experience pain, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, our energy field becomes disrupted. We lose a piece of our soul with each hurt. Left untreated, these lost fragments of our soul exist outside of our being, thus our spirit is fragmented. We are not whole although we may appear whole to those we encounter along the way.

When we meet someone for the first time, we usually cannot see their flaws. These flaws, or fragmented spirits become apparent over time, as the relationship continues. Flaws are not bad, we all have them. I feel that anyone over the age of five has had some kind of hurt in their lives. It is a huge part of the human experience and nothing to be ashamed of. These fragments exist in our energy, or auric fields. New Age hands-on healing can help bring these pieces of the spirit back into the being. The concept is a simple one:

Universal Life Energy

Everything that exists is permeated by a Universal energy that connects and nourishes all of life. This energy has been called by many different names, such as chi and prana. This is the energy that integrally supports the life process in all its aspects, the material operations of the physical self, the functions and emotions of the mind, and our spiritual selves. The energy in this field is not lifeless or inert, rather it is active and intelligent. It can be considered a manifestation of the Universal consciousness that is the source of each of us and the entire universe. This is the energy that connects us to each other, the realm of pure consciousness, the spiritual source of life made manifest in the physical realm. One way to view this energy is to see it as a bridge between the realm of pure spirit and the manifested material world.

If this energy field is healthy and free of fragments, the living person will exhibit good health in all its physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Harmony will be a part of this person's life. However, oftentimes dysfunctional energy patterns are present in the energy field. Believe me, this occurs more often than not!

Energy Field Healing

When the flow of energy in the energy or auric field becomes blocked or fragmented, it prevents the living person from achieving harmony and the pure connection to a higher spiritual reality, which in turn prevents the full and healthy expression of the living potential.

Energy field healing is the art of correcting defects in the energy field. This entails primarily dealing with the core issues that enabled the fragmentation in the first place. In energy field healing the healer seeks to restore the flow of energy to its original strong, healthy, and natural state by correcting and calling back the fragmented parts of the spirit. In other words, clearing the aura and making it whole. By healing the energy field, the healer is ultimately healing the dis-ease which has manifested in the physical, emotional, or spiritual body. Even if dis-ease is not present, energy field healing will enhance overall health.

The ability to channel healing energy exists in each and every one of us because it comes from God, the All There Is. There are many forms of hands-on energy healing being taught throughout the world today. Usually this is passed on through attunements from master to student. We as healers, are simply channels for the healing energy of God.

Toni Silvano is a professional psychic Tarot card reader, certified aromatherapist, and Usui Reiki Master.