CHAPMAN Last Name Meaning and Origin

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The popular English surname Chapman most commonly originated as an occupational name for a businessman, trader, or merchant. Chapman derives from the Old High German choufman or koufman, which became the Old English céapmann a compound of ceap, meaning "to barter, bargain, or deal," plus mann, which means "man." It was often, but not always, used as a name for an itinerant merchant.

Chapman is the 74th most common surname in England.

Surname Origin: English


Famous People With the CHAPMAN Surname

  • John Chapman - aka Johnny Appleseed
  • Mark David Chapman - convicted murderer of former Beatle John Lennon
  • Carrie Chapman Catt - suffrage movement leader and founder of the League of Women Voters; Chapman was the surname of her first husband, newspaper editor and publisher, Leo Chapman
  • Steven Curtis Chapman - Christian music singer and songwriter
  • Eddie Chapman - British spy and double agent
  • George Chapman - English dramatist, translator, and poet
  • John Wilbur Chapman - American Presbyterian evangelist
  • Maria Weston Chapman - American abolitionist

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