Charles VII of France

The Well-Served King

King Charles VII of France
Portrait of King Charles VII of France by Jean Fouquet, c. 1445. Public Domain; courtesy of Wikimedia

Charles VII was also known as:

Charles the Well-Served (Charles Le Bien-servi) or Charles the Victorious (le Victorieux)

Charles VII was known for:

Keeping France together at the height of the Hundred Years' War, with notable help from Joan of Arc.



Places of Residence and Influence:


Important Dates:

Born: Feb. 22, 1403
Crowned: July 17, 1429
Died: July 22, 1461

About Charles VII:

Charles VII is something of a contrary figure in French history.

Though Charles served as regent for his mentally unbalanced father while still a teenager, Charles VI signed a treaty with Henry V of England that bypassed his own sons and named Henry the next king. Charles announced himself king upon the death of his father in 1422, but he was still known as "the Dauphin" (the French title for the heir to the throne) or "the King of Bourges" until he was properly crowned in Reims in 1429.

He owed Joan of Arc a great debt for her aid in breaking the siege of Orleans and getting a signifcantly symbolic coronation, but he stood by and did nothing when she was captured by the enemy. Though later he worked to obtain a reversal of her condemnation, he may only have done so to justify the circumstances surrounding his achievement of the crown. Although Charles has been charged with being inherently lazy, shy and even somewhat apathetic, his councillors and even his mistresses encouraged and inspired him to deeds that would ultimately unify France.

Charles succeeded in introducing important military and financial reforms that strengthened the power of the French monarchy. His conciliatory policy toward towns that collaborated with the English helped restore peace and unity to France. He was also a patron of the arts.

The reign of Charles VII was significant in the history of France. Fractured and in the midst of an extended war with England when he was born, by the time of his death the country was well on its way toward the geographical unity that defines its modern boundaries.

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