Charts, Grids and Graphs Ready to Print

All graph/chart paper is in PDF

A note about some of the printables above. A multiplication chart should be laminated and used with young learners working on the multiplication fact families.  The 100's chart is an invaluable tool for students in grade 1 through to grade 5. The chart is a visual and helps with skip counting, observing patterns in numbers, adding, subtracting and counting to name a few concepts. Graph paper is a staple in math that's used more frequently in measurement and geometry concepts. Dot paper is also used for geometry, flips, slides and turns along with sketching shapes to scale. Coordinate grids are essential for plotting in Algebra. You'll notice there are various sizes of grid paper with one grid per page, nine grids per page or four grids per page. Some have numbers and some don't.

Therefore, you can apply the numbers to the grid that are needed versus having them populated with numbers that may not be suitable for solving the types of questions you may be working on.

If you feel there is something that needs to be added to the free graphs, charts, coordinate gride and isometric paper index, please email a request and it will be added.

Feel free to use these yourself or with students or groups of students.