Cheerleaders' Cute Cheers and Chants

Group of cheerleaders (8-10) jumping, outdoors
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The following is our newest collection of cheers and chants that cheerleaders and coaches have shared with us. From football to volleyball, you'll find a wide variety of cute cheers, chants, and yells. Now, just add your motions, change up the words, be creative and enjoy them.

Ready, OK!
We're fired up, we're sizzlin'.
We're turning up the heat.
When it comes to football our team can't be beat!

Submitted by: Jesica

All right!
Lion fans in the stands yell Blue and Gold (Clap)
Yell Blue and Gold (Clap).
Come on fans get up off your feet and listen to the Lions beat go
(Bump) (Bump) (Bump) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap).
(Bump) (Bump) (Bump).
(Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap) (Clap
We say Blue, You say Gold.
Blue (Gold) Blue (Gold),
We Say Lions, you say Fight. Lions (Fight) Lions (Fight).
Lions Fight, Lions Growl, our mighty Lions are on the prowl!

Submitted by: Laurie

Hey, Clovers! (Clap,Clap,Clap)
What do ya say? (Clap,Clap,Clap)
Are ya ready to kick some Chiefs butt today?
We have the license to rock this joint,
We'll rock it all day til they get the point.
Break it down now!

Submitted by: Nicole

Hey Mustang fans
Yell it while we spell it
F...F.I...F.I.G.H.T....(repeat F.I.G.H.T. 3 times)

Submitted by: Catherine

We are the (Hawks)
(Audience) Rock your boat
We're feeling fine
(Audience) Rock your boat
You mess with us
(Audience) Rock your boat
We'll blow your mind
(Audience) Rock your boat
Bang Bang choo-choo train, you let us up we'll do our thang. We know karate, we know kung-fu you mess with us we'll mess with YOU!

Submitted by: Miranda

We're the Lions (name of your team)
And we don't take no mess
We're gonna put those (name of your opponent)
To the test
So just shake (clap 3 times)
We're gonna rock you, 'cause we shake the best! (repeat)

Submitted by: Damita

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Cardinal's battle cry
(la-de-da--those Cardinals are the best--the best of all the rest,
those Cardinals are the best,
the best of all the rest-la-de-da-la-de-da-la-de-da-)
HEY! (Repeat 2x)

Submitted by: Nikki

[*means clap]
Lemonade crunchie ice.
Beat um once** beat um twice**.
Beat um bottom, beat um top.
Beat um middle, watch um drop.
First and ten**
Yell it GO, FIGHT, WIN!.

Submitted by:Cheermodel

Hey crowd get pumpin' (pause)
Our team is jumpin' (pause)
Rebels think they're somethin' (pause)
but were gonna (small pause) CRUSH EM! (repeat cheer)
Note: On the first 3 lines, you step to the side w/ your right foot, clap while left foot comes beside right, then left goes back to original place, clap, right foot goes in front of left and angled to side, clap. On last line: circle to right on "but we're gonna" and on "crush em" put right foot slightly in front of left, bend it and make a muscle arm and bend left leg.

Submitted by:Larry

We've got a team that's backed by pride.
There must be some (Lions) on our side.
Stand up and yell, for our victory tonight.
Come On (Lions) fight fight fight.

Submitted by:Jacquie

You traveled,
You walked,
You took too many steps.
The next time you travel take the B-U-S!

Submitted by:Skittlez06

Volleyball Chant:
1-2-3 sideout (clap clap)

Submitted by:Laena

[Basketball Cheer:]
Ready set! (clap, clap)
Let's go! (clap clap)
We're here to show! (clap)
and we wanna see some spirit! (clap clap)
So let's hear it! (clap clap)
Let's go Lions, let's go! (clap 3x) (repeat)

Come on Lions!
Show 'em what 'ya got!
Come on Lions!
The best!
The top!

Submitted by:Pyramidgrl

Yes, (pause)
You've guessed it (pause)
Number one is (toe-touch, or back handspring/ tuck) here! (pause)
(pause) (pause)
This is our (clap clap) year!

Submitted by:Krazygurl

[Basketball cheer:]
Our team is red hot!
Your team is all shot!
Our team is
R-E-D! (RED!)
H-O-T! (HOT!)
Red Hot!

Submitted by:Prplcheerfan

1-2-3-4 the (your team) are back and better than before
Unstoppable, unbeatable
We're the best team on the floor (or field)
repeat 2-3!

Submitted by:Amanda

More power to the hour,
more bounce to the ounce.
We are the mighty (your team's name) and we'll boom, knock you out (pause)
boom, boom knock you out!

Submitted by:Whitney

(Yell to other team while clapping)
Yo (opponent)!
What'd ya think ya got?
If ya think you are the best
Just yell YES!
Oops! I meant...
Yo (your team's name) fans
What'd ya think we got?
If ya think we are the best
Just yell YES!
(your team fans stand up and yell YES!)

Submitted by:Sara

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