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Use these cheerleading cheers at your next game or pep rally

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If there is one thing a cheerleading squad can't have too many of, it's cheers! The following collection of cheerleading cheers were submitted by cheerleaders from around the world. Use them as they are or be creative and change them up. Either way, using different cheers can make your squad more entertaining and help you to motivate the crowd. Be creative, change up the words, add your own motions and invent a cheer of your own.

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Submitted by: Unknown

I don't know what you've been told,
Saint Cecilia (your school name) is good as gold.
Our team is the best,
We cheer loudest than the rest!

Submitted by: Deondra

We're mighty,
We're crazy,
We're never ever lazy
We'll beat you, defeat you
We'll even try to eat you
We'll cover you in hot sauce
Cause we're the mighty (team name!
Repeat 2x

Submitted by: Lexi

(Trojans) Stand UP!
Stand up and Scream
The best yea we're yellin' for the number 1 team
Let's hear it for the Trojans
The green and the white
Number one, that's what we said
The best yea alright
GO green - Fight white
Let's go (Trojans)
Go big green - Let's Fight!

Submitted by: jude

It won't (clap)
It won't(STOMP)
It won't go in
but it'll roll around the rim,
but it won't go in

Submitted by: Hannah

Yeah, Yeah,
Do We Rock?
Yeah, Yeah,
Take it to the Top?
Yeah, Yeah
Are we gonna stop?

No way!

Submitted by: M_Tomusko

Clear-view (pause), Let's go
We'll prepare for victory.
We'll put you to the test.
We'll fight for DMS (school initials)
the blue gold and white.
We'll fight with all our might
D-M-S - #1 the best!

Submitted by: Lexy_cheerleader

(Captain says) Come on, Grangers, what's your battle cry?

(Squad says) V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Victory! XX Grangers!
Come on, crowd, what's your battle cry?
(Crowd and Squad says) V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!
Victory! XX, Grangers! XX
Victory! XX, Grangers! XX

Submitted by: MirMir*JoJo

Defense, Defense,
Get it from the offense
(stomp, clap, stomp, clap)
Oh Yeah!

Submitted by: MaCheerChick3263

Unity and teamwork
Let's pull it together and fight.
Yell for the Bears (team's mascot),
The black, gold, and white! (school colors)

Submitted by: Moo

Orange, black and a little white,
We're the Beavers (school mascot),
And we'll fight, fight, fight!

Submitted by: Anisha

We got it all together,
We're fighting for a win(clap)
South Orlando Braves (your team name)(clap),
on top again!
Repeat 3x

Submitted by: M&M_07

5,6,7,8 - Hey, Hey you!
Get out of our way,
because today is the day,
we will blow you away (blow to your right)!

Submitted by: M&M_07

Timber Ridge (school name)is number one!
We're gonna rock and roll 'til the day is done!

Submitted by: Ali

S is for Super
U is for Unique
P is for Perfect, 'cause you know we are sweet.
E is for Enthusiasm
R is for Rap
So come on all you Ram (mascot) Fans!
And Dang stand back!

Submitted by: Sierriah

Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Go, Fight, Win!

Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Go, Go, Go!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Fight, Fight, Fight!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Win, Win, Win!
Our team is in a huddle and this is what we say,
We say Go, Fight, Win
Go, Fight, Win!
Go, Fight, Win!

Submitted by: Ladylolly

We are the Steelers, (mascot name)
And we can't be beat
Because we got the power,
to knock you off your feet!

Originally published by V. Ninemire

Updated by C. Mitchinson