Cheers to Involve the Crowd and Fans

Crowd of sports fans cheering
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It's always great when you can get the crowd and fans involved in your cheering. Here you'll find a number of cheers, chants or yells that are made specifically to do just that.

You in the crowd, let's hear you yell,
"Go blue!"
(Go blue)
"Go white!"
(Go white)
Go Ross Corners Rams
Let's win to-night!

Submitted by:​ Takara

Everybody in the stands,
give our team a great big hand!
stomp, clap, stomp, clap, stomp, clap, clap

Submitted by: Felicia

Hey Crowd, on three yell,
Go, Lasers, Go!
1-2-3 Go, Lasers, Go!
1-2-3 Go, Lasers, Go!

Submitted by: Anaholly

What are your feet for?
stomp 'em (clap clap)
Indians (school name) (clap clap)
(repeat 4x)

Submitted by: Indian Cheerleaders

Hey, Hey, Bear (name of mascot) fans
Yell it out and rock the stands
SJMS (initials of school)
Hey, Hey, Bear Fans
Yell it out and rock the stands,
Go, Bears (mascot), Go
Go, Bears, Go
SJMS (school initials)
Go, Bears, Go!

Submitted by: Cheergurl2010

Eagle fans in the stands,
get on up and clap your hands!
Yell - Gold, Blue and White!
Yell - Gold, Blue and White!
Come on team, let's go, let's fight,
Let's win this game tonight!
Yell - Gold, Blue and White!
Yell - Gold, Blue and White!
Come on team, let's go, let's fight, let's win!

Submitted by:​ Rene

1 - We are the Chargers
2 - a little bit louder
3 - I still can't hear you
4 - more, more, more
(repeat 4 times and at the end yell #1)

Submitted by: Alli

Gold fans in the stands,
Yell with all your might.
When we yell out "gold team",
you yell out "fight,"
Yell: gold team
Come on, gold team fight,
gold team let's fight!

Submitted by: Gold Cheerleaders

Hey all you Warrior fans,
stand up and clap your hands!
(clap-clap--clap clap clap)
Now that you've got the beat,
Let me see you stomp your feet!
(stomp-stomp--stomp stomp stomp)
Since you've got the groove,
Let me see your body move!
oolala, oolala, say oolala!

Submitted by: Noel

Hey all you Warrior fans!
Are you sitting on the edge of your seat?
Sit down, we'll show you,
the Warriors can't be beat.
Say what?
The Warriors can't be beat!
Hold up! Wait a minute.
Put a little ummph in it!

Submitted by: Nicole

No doubt about it,
Stand up and shout it.
The Diggers are number 1
Say that number - *ONE!
Say it loud - *ONE!
We are the proud - *ONE!
Say it number - *ONE!
(*Crowd yells ONE!)

Submitted by: ​Jamie

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