Chemical Engineering Jobs

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Are you interested in what types of engineering jobs you could get with a college degree in chemical engineering? There are several industries and employment options available for chemical engineers with bachelor's or master's degrees in the field.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineering is concerned with developing aircraft and spacecraft.


Engineering jobs in biotechnology apply biological processes to industry, such as in the production of pharmaceuticals, pest-resistant crops, or new types of bacteria.

Chemical Plant Technician

This job involves large scale manufacturing chemicals or monitoring equipment.

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer designs public works, such as dams, roads, and bridges. Chemical engineering comes into play selecting the proper materials for the job, among other things.

Computer Systems

Engineers working on computer systems develop computer hardware and software. Chemical engineers are good at developing new materials and processes for making them.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers deal with all aspects of electronics, electricity, and magnetism. Jobs for chemical engineers relate to electrochemistry and materials.

Environmental Engineer

Jobs in environmental engineering integrate engineering with science to clean up pollution, ensure processes aren't harming the environment, and making sure clean air, water, and soil are available.

Food Industries

There are many career choices for chemical engineers in the food industry, including the development of new additives and new processes for preparing and preserving food.

Mechanical Engineer

Chemical engineering complements mechanical engineering whenever chemistry intersects with the design, manufacture, or maintenance of mechanical systems. For example, chemical engineers are important in the automotive industry, for work with batteries, tires, and engines.

Mining Engineer

Chemical engineers help design mining processes and analyze the chemical composition of materials and waste.

Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineering often employs chemical engineers to assess the interaction between materials at the facility, including the manufacture of radioisotopes.

Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Jobs in the oil and natural gas industry rely on chemical engineers to examine the chemical composition of the source material and products.

Paper Manufacture

Chemical engineers find jobs in the paper industry at paper plants and in the lab designing processes to make and improve products and analyze waste.

Petrochemical Engineer

Many different types of engineers work with petrochemicals. Chemical engineers are in particularly high demand because they can analyze petroleum and its products, help design chemical plants, and oversee the chemical processes in these plants.


The pharmaceutical industry employs chemical engineers to design new drugs and their production facilities and ensure plants are meeting environmental and health safety requirements,

Plant Design

This branch of engineering upscales processes to industrial scale and refines existing plants to improve their efficiency or to use different source materials.

Plastic and Polymer Manufacture

Chemical engineers develop and manufacture plastics and other polymers and use these materials in numerous products.

Technical Sales

Technical sales engineers assist colleagues and clients, offering support and advice. Chemical engineers can get jobs in many different technical fields because of their broad education and expertise.

Waste Treatment

A waste treatment engineer designs, monitors, and maintains equipment that removes contaminants from wastewater.

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