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Chemistry Pictures & Molecular Structures

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Find chemistry photos and pictures, including molecular structures, images of glassware, gemstones, safety signs, elements, and famous scientists.

Chemical Structures
Alphabetical Index of Molecular Structures - This is an A through Z index of molecular structures, articles about specific molecules, and tutorials involving chemical calculations relating to structures.
Functional Groups - Functional groups are groups of atoms responsible for characteristic reactions in organic chemistry. This is a collection of chemical structures of key functional groups. Most of the graphics are public domain and may be used elsewhere.
Molecular Geometry - This is a collection of three-dimensional ball-and-stick representations of VSEPR molecular geometry configurations. The article introduces VSEPR and and also explains exceptions to its rules.
Amino Acids - Find the molecular structures of the twenty natural amino acids.
Chemical Reactions - Diagrams of molecules in chemical reactions.
Drugs - Find molecular structures and photographs of legal and illegal drugs.
Steroids - Get molecular structures, facts, and photographs of the steroid hormones.
Vitamins - See molecular structures of the vitamins and get facts about their role in human health.

Element Photo Gallery - These are photos of the chemical elements. Most of them are public domain images, which may be downloaded and used elsewhere.
Elements in the Human Body - These are photos of elements in the body, with descriptions of the biochemical role of the elements.
Printable Periodic Table - This is a collection of different periodic tables that you can save and print.

Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones
Crystal Lattices - Learn about Bravais crystal lattices or space lattices. Know the different geometries of crystals.
Crystal Photo Gallery - This is a collection of photos of crystals. Some are natural minerals and others are crystals that you can grow yourself.
Mineral Photo Gallery - This is a photo gallery of minerals. Some are in their native state. Others are polished mineral specimens.
Snow and Snowflake Photo Gallery - Water crystals are absolutely beautiful! See the different shapes of snowflakes and learn about the conditions necessary to form them.
Sugar Crystals & Rock Candy - Get images of sucrose, sugar, and rock candy.
Emerald Hollow Mine - Photographs of the sluice and creek at the Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, NC, plus pictures of some of the minerals and gems found there.

Photos of People
Famous Chemists - Photographs of scientists, inventors, and engineers who made important contributions to the field of chemistry.
Nobel Prize in Chemistry - Photos of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
Women in Chemistry - These are photos of women who made discoveries or contributions to chemistry.

Signs & Symbols
Alchemy Symbols - This is a gallery of alchemy symbols for the elements and other matter.
Safety Signs - Here is a collection of safety signs that you can print for your own use.

Glassware & Instruments
Glassware - These are photographs and diagrams of glassware with descriptions of how the pieces are used.
Lab Equipment & Instruments - This is a collection of photographs of different scientific instruments.
Drug Paraphernalia - Recognize items used for using or concealing illegal drugs.

Other Chemistry Images
Alchemy - Learn more about alchemy and the history of chemistry.
Nuclear Tests - This photo gallery showcases nuclear tests and other atomic explosions.
Science Projects - See how science projects look, then learn how to do them yourself.
Periodic Tables - This is a collection of different types of periodic tables of the elements. Most of these illustrations may be printed for personal use.
Dry Ice Projects - This is a collection of photos of dry ice and science projects you can do using dry ice.
Free Science Fair Project Pictures - This is a collection of images that you can use for your science fair project.
Fluorescence & Phosphorescence - Get photos and descriptions of fluorescence and phosphorescence.
Lightning & Plasma Photo Gallery - These are photos of lightning and other electrical discharges as well as natural and man-made examples of plasma.
Science Clipart - This is a collection of science clipart in gif format. Many images are public domain and may be used freely.<br/>Glow in the Dark Photo Gallery - See examples of different types of luminescence and materials that glow in the dark.
Spectra & Spectroscopy - These are spectra and images that relate to spectroscopy.

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