Crystal Chemicals

Chemicals Used to Grow Crystals

Blue crystals of copper sulfate or copper sulphate.
Copper sulfate grows natural blue crystals. Anne Helmenstine

This is a table of common chemicals that produce nice crystals. The color and shape of the crystals are included. Many of these chemicals are available in your home. Other chemicals in this list are readily available online and are safe enough for growing crystals at home or in a school. Recipes and specific instructions are available for hyperlinked chemicals.

Table of Common Chemicals for Growing Crystals

Chemical Name Color Shape
aluminum potassium sulfate
(potassium alum)
coloreless cubic
ammonium chloride colorless cubic
sodium borate
colorless monoclinic
calcium chloride colorless hexagonal
sodium nitrate colorless hexagonal
copper acetate
(cupric acetate)
green monoclinic
copper sulfate
(cupric sulfate)
blue triclinic
iron sulfate
(ferrous sulfate)
pale blue-green monoclinic
potassium ferricyanide red monoclinic
potassium iodide white cupric
potassium dichromate orange-red triclinic
potassium chromium sulfate
(chrome alum)
deep purple cubic
potassium permanganate dark purple rhombic
sodium carbonate
(washing soda)
white rhombic
sodium sulfate, anhydrous white monoclinic
sodium thiosulfate colorless monoclinic
cobalt chloride purple-red  
ferric ammonium sulfate
(iron alum)
pale violet octohedral
magnesium sulfate
epsom salt
colorless monoclinic (hydrate)
nickel sulfate pale green cubic (anhydrous)
tetragonal (hexahydrate)
rhombohedral (hexahydrate)
potassium chromate yellow  
potassium sodium tartrate
Rochelle salt
colorless to blue-white orthorhombic
sodium ferrocyanide light yellow monoclinic
sodium chloride
table salt
colorless cubic
table sugar
rock candy
colorless monoclinic
sodium bicarbonate
baking soda
silver silver  
bismuth rainbow over silver  
tin silver  
monoammonium phosphate colorless quadratic prisms
sodium acetate
(" hot ice")
colorless monoclinic
calcium copper acetate blue tetragonal
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