Chemistry Abbreviations Starting With the Letters U and V

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Chemistry

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Chemistry abbreviations and acronyms are common in all fields of science. This collection offers common abbreviations and acronyms beginning with the letters U and V used in chemistry and chemical engineering.

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting With U

U - Internal Energy
U - Undetectable
U - Uranium
UAFM - Uranyl Acetate Fluorescence Method
UCK - Universal Chemical Key
UHF - Ultra High Frequency
UG - Undisturbed Gas UHC - Unburned HydroCarbons
UHMW - Ultra High Molecular Weight
UHP - Ultra High Pressure
UHP - Ultra High Purity
UHT - Ultra High Temperature
UHV - Ultra High Vacuum
ULG - Universal Liquid Gas
ULO - Ultra Low Oxygen
ULOQ - Upper Limit Of Quantitation
ULS - Ultra Low Sulfur
ULT - Ultra-Low Temperature
UNK - UNKnown
UPW - Ultra Pure Water
UQY - Ultimate Quality and Yield
UUD - UnUnDuium (Element 112, now Cn)
UUH - UnUnHexium (Element 116)
UUP - UnUnPentium (Element 115)
UUQ - UnUnQuadium (Element 114)
UUS - UnUnSeptium (Element 117)
UUO - UnUnOctium (Element 118)
UUU - UnUnUnium (Element 111, now Rg)
UV - UltraViolet
UVA - UltraViolet band A
UV-A - UltravViolet band A
UVB - UltraViolet band B
UV-B - UltraViolet band B
UVF - UtraViolet Filter
UVL - UltraViolet Lamp
UVR - UltraViolet Reactive
UXS - Glucuronic Acid DeCarboxylase
UYQ - Uranium Yield Quantity

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting With V

V - Vacuum
V - Vanadium
V - Volt
VA - Volume Analyzer
VA - Nitrogen group
VAC - Vacuum
VAC - Vacuum-Assisted Closure
VB - Vacuum Break
VB - Valence Band
VBJ - Vacuum Bell Jar
VBT - Valence Bond Theory
VC - Viscous Coupled
VC - Vapor Cloud
VCE - Vapor Cloud Explosion
VC - Vinyl Chloride
VCM - Vinyl Chloride Monomer
Vd - Volume distribution
VDB - VanDyke Brown test
VDF - Van der Waals force
VDW - Van der Waals radius
VEQ - EQuilibrium Volume
VEQ - EQuivalence point Volume
VFn - Vertical Face number (n is a number)
VH - Vapor Hazard
VHH - Volatile Halogenated Hydrocarbon
VHI - Vapor Hazard Index
VHN - Vickers Hardness Number
VHP - Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide
VHP - Very High Pressure
VHT - Very High Temperature
VHY - Very High Yield
VI - Viscosity Index
VLD - Vacuum Leak Detector
VLE - Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium
VMD - Visual Molecular Dynamics
VO - Vacuum Oven
VOA - Volatile Organic Analysis
VOC - Volatile Organic Compound
VOL - Volume
VP - Vapor Point
VP - Vapor Pressure
VPE - Virtual Potential Energy
VR - Very Rapid
VS - Very Saturated
VS - Volatile Solid
VSC - Volatile Sulfur Compound
VSS - Volatile Suspended Solid
VTC - Variable Temperature Cutoff
VTP - Volume, Temperature, Pressure
VU - Volume Units
VV - Vacuum Vessel
VV - Valence-Valence
VW - Varies Widely

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