Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with W, X, Y, Z

Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Chemistry

Zinc (Chemical Element)
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Chemistry abbreviations and acronyms are common in all fields of science. This collection offers common abbreviations and acronyms beginning with the letter W, X, Y, or Z used in chemistry and chemical engineering.

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with the Letter W

W - Tungsten
W - Watt
W5 - Which Was What We Wanted
WA - Weak Acid
WAC - Weak Acid Cation
WB - Water Based
WB - Weak Base
WB - Weak Bond
WBA - Weak Base Anion
WC - Water Cosolvent
WCS - Worst Case Scenario
WD - Water Dispersant
WD - Water Displacement
WD - Wet/Dry
WIAP - Water In All Phases
WIN - Water Insoluble Nitrogen
WNA - World Nuclear Association
WO - Weak Oxidizer
WP - White Phosphorus
WPS - Water Phase Salt
WR - Water Repellent
WS - Wash Solution
WS - Water Soluble
WSPI - Water-Soluble Phosphorous, Inorganic
WSPO - Water-Soluble Phosphorous, Organic
WSS - Water Soluble Stabilizer
WST - Weighted Settling Time
WSNZ - Water Soluble Zinc
WV - Water Vapor
WVDA - Water Vapor Diffusion Analysis
WVM - Water Vapor Monitor
WVN - Water Vapor Nitrogen
WVP - Water Vapor Permeability
WVT - Water Vapor Transport
WW - Waste Water
WWIX - Waste Water Ion eXchange
WYOL - Write Your Own Lab
WYOLA - Write Your Own Lab Assignment
WYU - What You Use

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with the Letter X

XAG - Silver Troy Ounce
XAU - Gold Troy Ounce
XAN - XANthine
XDB - eXtra Dense Bonding
Xe - Xenon
XLS - Xenon Light Source
XOD - Xanthine Oxidase
XPD - Palladium Troy Ounce
XPT - Platinum Troy Ounce
XUM - X-ray Ultra-Microscope
XYD - XYliDine

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with the Letter Y

y - yocto
Y - Yotta
Y - Yttrium
Yb - Ytterbium
YBCO - Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide
YAG - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
YAP - Yield Analysis Pattern
YBG - Your Best Guess
YCC - American Chemical Society Younger Chemists Committee
Yd - Yard
YIC - Yttrium Lithium Fluoride
YZN - Yellow ZiNc dichromate

Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with the Letter Z

z - zepto
Z - Zetta
Zn - Zinc
ZB - Zinc Blende
ZC - Zinc Composite
ZCG - Zeolite Crystal Growth
ZCR - Zinc Chromium
ZCS - Zinc Coated Steel
ZDC - Zero Degrees Kelvin
ZEKE - Zero Electron Kinetic Energy
ZINC - Zinc Is Not Copper
ZK - Zero Kelvin
ZP - Zero Pressure
Zr - Zirconium
ZRE - Zinc Responsive Element