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How To Get Answers for Chemistry Questions

Even if you are studying online, there are several sources for questions answers.
Even if you are studying online, there are several sources for questions answers, plus ways to ask live questions. Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images

Students often ask "How do I get answers to chemistry questions online?" There are several ways to find answers and to ask chemistry questions and get them answered. Here is what you do.

Ask Chemistry Questions and Get Answers

If you have question you need answered quickly, your best bet is to go to an active online chemistry forum or even to ask the question on an active Facebook page about chemistry.

Here are some options for you: Chemistry Forum

About Chemistry on Facebook

Ask a Chemistry Question - Yahoo Answers

AssignmentExpert - Pay for Answers or Assignment Help

Search Answer and Worked Problems

Chances are, if you have a question or a problem, someone else has asked it or at least has asked a similar question. If you can't get a live person to answer your question, then the next best thing is to search for the question and answer. My recommendation to you is to type your exact question into Google or another search engine and see what you get. You might get lucky! If your search is too specific, you can always make it more general until you get answers.

Here are some online sites that offer worked problems and answer chemistry questions:

Worked General Chemistry Problems

General Chemistry Questions and Answers (from Ask Antoine, a chemistry prof)

Chegg Answers to Chemistry Questions (General, Organic, Chem Engineering, etc.)

Answers to Chemistry Questions That You Should Know Chemistry Answers