Chemistry Lab Safety Contract

General Chemistry Lab Safety Contract or Agreement

A lab safety contract helps ensure the best lab experience.
Chemistry lab is fun and educational! Keep it safe by becoming familiar with good lab practices and what to do in the event of an accidents or emergencies. B2M Productions, Getty Images

This is a chemistry lab safety contract that you can print or assign for students and parents to read. Chemistry lab involves chemicals, flames, and other hazards. Education is important, but safety is the top priority.

  1. I will behave responsibly in the chemistry lab. Pranks, running around, pushing others, distracting others and horseplay may result in accidents in the lab.
  2. I will perform only the experiments authorized by my instructor. It can be dangerous to make up your own experiments. Also, performing additional experiments may take resources away from other students.
  3. I will not eat food or drink beverages in the lab.
  4. I will dress appropriately for chemistry lab. Tie back long hair so it can't fall into flames or chemicals, wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals or flip-flops), and avoid dangling jewelry or clothing that could pose a hazard.
  5. I will learn where the lab safety equipment is located and how to use it.
  6. I will notify my instructor immediately if I am injured in the lab or splashed by a chemical, even if no injury is apparent.

Student: I have reviewed these safety rules and will abide by them. I agree to abide by the instructions given to me by my lab instructor.

Student Signature:


Parent or Guardian: have reviewed these safety rules and agree to support my child and the teacher in creating and maintaining a safe lab environment.

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