The Flow of Chi, Prana, or Life Energy

Invisible Energy - Visible Results

Boiling Water in a Tea Kettle
Boiling Water in a Tea Kettle. Credit: Erika Straesser / EyeEm / Getty Images

Allowing Yourself to Feel Chi Energy

I have a transparent kettle and a childlike fascination for watching the water boil. It never ceases to amaze me. First, there is an almost invisible stirring, a grumbling that grows to a roar and seems to come from deep, down inside somewhere.

And when enough of that invisible, inner energy has built up, it bursts forth into a crescendo of dancing, bouncy, lively bubbles.

Like snow flakes, no bubble is the same, no pattern they form is alike and before you know it, the miniature spectacle is over and transformed into something completely different...

A cup of hot, delicious tea that warms my body and soul during the cold time of year.

Dance of Boiling Water Evidence of Life Transformation

And so it is with everything we see and experience in life. For a moment something may seem important, spectacular and over-powering and then, each event fades and makes way for something else. Never ending change, transition, growth.

The energy underlying the bubbly dance of the hot water is like life - invisible and to me, totally incomprehensible. I won't even begin to understand how something can travel through a plastic tube with wires in it and then be transformed into heat, or sound, or images, which in turn can be changed into delicious food, musical delight, or a mind boggling life changing story on a screen.

I don't question the method, nor do I need to understand the 'why.' I just know that it does and I am grateful for what it gives me. Isn't it funny, how most of us find the 'techy' kind of ignorance quite easy to accept, yet when it comes to the subtle energies within our own bodies, we deny what we cannot explain, we question and doubt and thus deprive ourselves of the enjoyment of the visible results, just because we can't makes sense of what goes on beneath the surface.

Do You Try to Explain Away Unseen Things?

This doesn't mean that we should blindly accept anything and everything that we are presented with. After all, it is curiosity, questioning, and probing that underlie all progress. What I am suggesting is that we don't succumb to the urge of 'explaining away' everything we can't properly define and understand.

In our subtle energy courses, we share techniques that frequently enable participants to overcome fears, phobias, and other issues within minutes. Sometimes, the effect is so fast and astonishing that the only way people seem to be able to deal with 'losing' something they have been suffering from for years, is to explain it away. They look for other reasons why the bubbles dance and in the process give away the power that is generated from deep within themselves.

We are so used to having to understand everything rationally, that we forget that the logical, conscious side of us can only take in about 1 billionth (yes, no typo here!) of reality at any given time. How could we ever expect to fully understand anything? How will we know that we aren’t just living one great big illusion? And the most important question of all...

Does it really matter?

No, it doesn't - the constant need to use our external senses to explain everything, prevents us from tapping into the vast resources of our unconscious mind. My suggestion is, lets follow Einstein's example and open up to something bigger, better and higher than our limited logical capacity can conceive - and - as the saying goes, .

Feeling the Flow of Chi

If you allow yourself to be guided by the invisible energies within yourself, before you know it, you will feel the flow of Chi, Prana or Life Energy within you and understand what is good for you and what you need to heal and grow and achieve happiness and inner peace.

With a childlike sense of curiosity you can enjoy the visible dance of the bubbles whilst the invisible energy brings about the results.

Annett Tate is a frequently published writer on EFT, wellness, and spiritual issues. She teaches EFT (mainly in the UK) and has developed new Wellness approaches such as BodyBliss and Relationship Bliss. These incorporate elements of EFT, Chi Kung, NLP and meditation.

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