Children Remember Their Past Lives

True Stories Shared by Children and Parents

Children Recall Past Lives
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Young children often speak about when they were "bigger" or when they lived somewhere that they haven't, or share details about things they could not possibly know about. These story tellings may very well be clues to their past lives. Read the stories as told by children.

I Would See Things Others Could Not See - When I was a child I would see things that others could not see. I would be fine one minute and the next I would be screaming telling my mother to get the crocodiles and spiders away from me. I would always dream that I was falling from a great distance and would wake up before I would hit the ground. I would always ask my mother to get my mother and she would tell me that she is my mother. I believed that she was not my real mother and refused to let her touch me or talk to me. I would scream at her saying that she wasn't my mother and that I wanted her to get my real mother. I would also visit my grandmother an refused to enter her house. I would tell my mother and grandmother that there was something not right in there and I would see things in there that others wouldn't. My mother took me to several doctors and they could not find anything wrong with me.

This went on for about 7 years, then when I hit the age of 10 it just stopped. I am now 20 years old and I am starting to have paranormal things occur to me. I wonder if these things could be connected. ~An<

Advice from An: Support your child and listen to them. Do not treat them like they are insane.Try to help your children if they reach out to you.

My Indigo Child - Christian is my youngest, yet oldest child. I call him my indigo child. He was born wise beyond his years. I can tell he is a very old soul. When my son was 4, I was making him a PB&J sandwich one day for lunch. He said to me, "That's not how my other mommy used to make my sandwiches, she did them differently." A few days later he told how he remembered coming down from heaven with all the other babies, and God sent him to me. ~Katmom

Remembers Details About the Titantic - When I started having English in 4th grade.I would start 'remembering' words that no one had told me about, it puzzles me today, but my mother and my teacher just thought I watched English television shows with subtitles. I did not.

A couple of years after, when I was twelve, I woke up with the distinct feeling of a rocking ship. I was laying in my bed, on solid floor, on solid ground, but it felt as if i was on a rocking ship. I also got very claustrophobic, as if a was in a small room. That same afternoon, when I got home from school, I watched a history program about the Titanic. It was really odd. I was watching it all alone and I was seeing footage with people I had never seen before thinking, "Her name is Mrs....

His name is..", and the narrator would tell the names a while after and I was right!

Last year I was attending a Titanic exhibition in Copenhagen and I got this weird feeling when I walked inside. When I saw the reconstructions of the 2nd class cabins, I had this feeling like if I was on a rocking ship again, claustrophobia bubbled up in me and I felt really seasick. I hurried into the next room, where I saw a piece of jewelry in a montre. I immediately knew that it was mine. I read the sign and it said that the ring had belonged to one of the female 2nd class travelers, whose body had been found but not identified. there was no name. It was believed to be an engagement ring, and now I keep getting the feeling that I belong somewhere else.

It is really odd, I know things about the Titanic that I have never been told and i am really afraid of closed spaces and water in closed, small places.

When I saw the Titanic film, I began to freeze really badly and my hands have never been warm since that. ~Anne Sofie M.J

LoraLei's Memories- LoraLei is a funny, lively, free spirit. She is 4 (almost 5) and has been described as an "old soul" by many people since birth. She is my precious daughter. My first of three and I love her very much.

The other day at lunch the other kids had finished eating and it was just LoraLei and me sitting at the table. She looked at me and said, "You're not my mom. My mother's name is (and I can't recall what she said, but I believe it started with a V). My father took me walking in the snow and he took my sister, too." She went on to tell this story of a father taking her and a sister walking in the snow in the woods and how they got separated and she never got home. She talked about how cold it was and at first, how excited she was to be out with her dad, and then got more melancholy as the story ended. She didn't seem scared, just a little sad. She didn't use the word die or death but insinuated that her life had ended. She closed the story with, "My sister's name is Matty and my father's name is Auddie."

LoraLei had the same imaginary friend since she was a little over 3. His name is Percy and she is quite taken with that name. Even going so far as to name her fish Percy. We know no one by this name. She also asks me a lot where her brother is. Though she didn't mention one in the story. She asks about her brother daily. Maybe she is sensitive and is predicting a coming baby brother or she remembers a brother or just wants a little brother.

It's the middle of May now and her father's name is Thomas and my name starts with a C. And neither of her sister's names are Matty nor could they even be confused with the name Matty. Is it a past life, or just imagination? I don't know. This would be the first story she has ever made up and a very detailed and emotional one, at that. I don't know. I'll just have to wait and see if I get any more information from her.


Advice from Lilipad: Listen. Not just to something as serious as this. But, in general, listen to your little ones. Ask questions. Be investigative. Get as much information as you can. Have an open mind and an open heart. Don't scold your little ones for confiding things like this to you, even if it is a little scary.

My Three Year Old Grandson Recalls Past Life Death - My grandson was going on 3, precisely 2 yrs, 8 months old. One day while I and 2 others were having a conversation, my little grandson was behind us sitting on a step. I immediately stopped talking and listened to him because he was looking down in his lap and announced loudly "I died... I died in this house... I cried." Then he proceeded to rub his eyes with his two fists, dramatizing his crying.

I immediately got up and put him on my lap... and proceeded to ask him "why did you say that Elijah?" You're right here." He just wanted to get down and play, he wouldn't talk anymore. It appeared to me as if he had a sudden memory and just blurted that memory out loud, to himself.

He also acted very odd one day while visiting a cemetery of a loved one. We were walking through the graves and came across a freshly buried grave site. He pointed to it and asked about why it was different. I proceeded to explain someone must have been buried, that they had just died maybe. I will never forgot how he backed away in fear immediately and started mumbling "died" "hurt." It was about one year prior to the above incident, he was just learning how to talk.

I have tried to gather more information from him but he refuses to talk about.

Elijah was born 3 months, 4 days after my son died of leukemia. His mom is my daughter, my only child left.

I was very very close to my son and my grandson and I have a very close relationship. I have helped raise him since his birth, and he prefers to come see "gramma" than anyone else in his family.

I am a devout Catholic and had prayed for both my son during his illness, and for my grandson from even before his birth. I am struggling to accept this happening as it disagrees with my religion... but I have had supernatural experiences... and know that there is an afterlife and a loving God. ~Lauriesheri

Advice from Lauriesheri: My advice would be to hold back your feelings of surprise, shock and or fear. They can pick up on your feelings and may shy away from talking further. Try to document as much as possible. Be on the alert for further happenings which can add to the proper conclusion, looking closely at possible natural explanations. Don't just assume right away the supernatural, but don't discount it either. Continue to pray for those you have loved that have died.

Kindergartner Struggles with Learning Alphabet - When my daughter was in kindergarten, she had the hardest time with letters. Mixed up B's with V's and H's with N's, for a few. Her teacher didn't know how such letters could be mixed up, and neither could I, until I was helping her read one night. She kept asking me what sounds the letters made. She kept saying: "I don't remember those." I showed her an H and asked her if she remembered that one. She nodded, and said, confidently, that makes a 'N' sound. She kept saying how she thought there were more letters. I asked her what kind of letters she thought there were and she wrote some out for me: П,Л,Я,Ч,Й,Ц. "More than that, too," she said. I asked her where she learned those. "Vlad taught me before he disappeared." I asked her who Vlad is. She claimed he was her brother. She kept telling me that he disappeared, and the next day, a man came and killed her family. ~Marie

Four Year Old Daughter Asks to Go Home - My daughter told me she wanted to go home. Of course, I asked her where 'home' was. She told me her family lived by the water before the waves came. I asked her what happened after the waves came. She told me quite frankly, "I died." She quite often draws pictures of waves and houses that she says she remembers. She often refers to me as "Pah" and says she wants to go home to her "Mæh". ~Anna

My Son Remembers Being in a War - My 5 year old son has always been very intelligent for his age. People (especially elderly people) have always told me that he has an old soul. Since he could speak in sentences, he would always tell me about when he was in the war. Just various stories of back when he was in the war, things he learned or things he did. My son says he was injured and lost his leg. He also had an extreme interest in science and medicine. He loves to watch medical documentaries and explains to me how he was once a doctor. Another thing he often talks about is a little boy named Sonny and that Sonny is his son who died when he was 4. He often talks about a lot of topics that the average 5 year old knows nothing about. ~Nay Mama

Advice from Nay Mama: Just listen as much as possible. Ask open ended questions. Try not to appear scared or shocked as they are telling you their story. Never force the child to talk about the past life. Never make the child feel awkward or uncomfortable about their memories.

Son Remembers Past Life Friend - My son is 7 years old now but I remember when he was 3 or so he was on a rock pile and held a rock above his head and yelled "Leave my friends alone." But, nobody was there. Kinda bugged me but since then he always tells me how him and his friend "Jabin" were in some war and people were all tied up. ~kelli409

Mommy, I Remember Being in Your Belly - At age three and a half, my daughter was very sweet, very sensitive, very intelligent, beautiful and precious to us. Popular in day care, years later her caretaker would tell me she'd never encountered another child like her. She described my child as very loving, and said she treated all the children equally, offering friendship to all, and never got caught up in the usual drama of early relationships.

She was an early walker and talker, and had a very good vocabulary. She sat at her little table in a little chair looking up at the sky through our floor to ceiling windows, a common design in San Francisco houses. I kept an eye on her still tiny form, little chin tilted upward. I was cleaning up the living room, about ten feet from from my child, wondering what she could be thinking about so intently. Finally, she casually turned to me and said, "Mommy, I remember being in your belly... and I remember before that. "Really." I answered, obviously interested. "Yes, I remember being in Heaven waiting to be born. There were other kids there, too. We were with God, and She was very nice to us." She smiled as she recalled her time in Heaven with God. I was tempted to grab my video camera, but thought it might distract her. Instead, I sat in the other little chair across the mini table. I didn't say a word. She went on to tell me when she was inside me she was "soooo thirsty." I thought that was interesting because I'd had a very difficult pregnancy and had to be hospitalized and was given many bags of intravenous fluid. (I was dangerously dehydrated.)

Her story went on to well before conception. She told me she chose her parents. "...Daddy, and I thought about the lady with the brown hair," then with a big smile she said, "but it had to be YOU, Mommy." She went on, "And it wasn't easy getting you two together!"It was clear to me my daughter believed every word she was saying. She said she and the other children were very happy in Heaven, they were well taken care of and well loved. She made God sound like the ultimate mother. Soon she was busy drawing, and I did not ask questions. She handed me her artwork; a picture of herself, unborn and smiling, in a bubble, in my belly. The last thing she said, "It was warm and comfortable in your belly, I didn't want to come out." I was a week overdue when I was induced. My daughter's father was an atheist and was insistent that we not expose our child to religion. I am a Christian, so this was a point of contention in our relationship. For the most part he got his way, but I called her my gift from God. That was the extent of her exposure to God. I am still not sure where she initially heard the word "Heaven", but once, a year earlier, she was upset and crying because her father was cross with her. Through her tears she told me she wanted to go back to Heaven. After this event, I got my way, and at age four, she was christened.

Young Son Says He Is Going Back to His Real Parents At Midnight - Our son now 28 yrs old, and he's never mentioned anything at all since he was 3 or 4, eventually, the memories all faded. He's a very avid fisherman and hunter, which my husband was not anywhere near being inclined towards those things, he's quite unique, and one of the most honest, awesome, full of personality person I've ever known, it's a joy being around him, he has a ton of friends and is getting married next month! Well, just a few things were mentioned, but none the less, very interesting. He was barely able to talk, he was about 2 yrs old. He was continually saying to us that he was going to go back to his real parents at midnight. He often questioned how water got in the house, meaning I imagine how could we have "running water" in the house. I'd explain it came in through all these pipes from a water supply out side the house. I remember him thinking that that was amazing. ~Bobi Irving>

Mommy, I Died - When my daughter was 3 or 4 years old, she came up to me one day and said 'Mommy, I died.' Of course I asked her questions and she told me that her sisters and brother called her Imp and that she had to sleep on a hard bed and have cold baths, that she has a 'funny foot' and that she missed Maggie. She then went on to say 'The men took us into the dark room and went bang bang bang. I fell down and my head hurt, and then I was in the sky with Nicky.' She didn't say much else except that Nicky is her old brother. I think the bang bang bang is a gun, but I'm really not sure. She is 16 now and she talks about stuff like this in her sleep. She once spoke in fluent Russian. ~Rose

Daughter Describes Egyptian Pyramids - My daughter used to dream about the Egyptian pyramids. It wasn't until the age of 8 that she truly could describe the inside of Pharaohs' tombs in great adjective detail. She used to describe the wonderance in the relationship between members of the royal family and their subjects. These included many female royals secret discussions with their lady's maids, and the battles between them and other women for the Pharaohs' affections. She vividly recalls conversations outside hieroglyphics held in secret between one female whom she describes as a goddess and her protector. ~Lizzie

Advice from Lizzie: Talk to your child, explain how their dreams or daily visions do not make them weird, that is just how society deprograms individuality and takes away one's soul. Explain to your children that they are special for what they can see and that they are chosen to see this.

Siblings Recall Past Lives - My daughter has always been a fun loving very talkative girl. When she was younger she was always asking questions and knew the answers to random facts. My son is a little cuddler. I call him my cuddle bug and one day when we were cuddling he told me this story, only halfway because he saw my reaction. I wish I could have held it in so he could finish but it was so shockingly similar to my daughter's story I couldn't believe it. They both are great fun kids but they no longer remember anything that they had said about their past lives.

When my daughter was 4 years old I remember her saying this with a sad face. "I remember when Daddy was my baby and I was his Mommy and we were walking across the street and a car hit us and we died." She said it so matter of fact that I got my recorder and asked her to repeat what she just told me and she did. Then she said "I'm telling you the truth Mommy I wasn't dreaming I promise but now we are okay because we are together again Mommy." And she shook her head, yes, aha Mommy. I didn't know what to say so I called my Mom to tell her. Now my daughter is 14 and doesn't remember any of this she thinks it sounds weird. But now my son when he was 3 told me a similar story about me that he remembers when he was my Daddy but wouldn't repeat when I asked him again. He just laughed and then I knew there was something that happened in I guess a past life. ~Veronica

Brother Says He Misses His Old Mom - My brother whom I have practically raised. He is seven years old now, I'm twenty-three. He told me about his past life when he was four years old. My little brother would suddenly blurt out that he missed his old mom. He would repeat this several times during the week. I would ask him what happened to his mom and he would get sad and say that he missed his family, because they died in a fire. He remembered walking across the street as the house was burning. Coincidentally, a few months after that we had the fire department called because of a small fire that was contained to our boiler room and that boy was so traumatized he didn't sleep for days. Any beeping sound similar to that of a fire alarm and especially sirens or seeing police or fireman would scare him almost to death. At seven years old he has no memory of ever saying that to me, but occasionally he'll tell me that he can't wait for us to have a new family. ~Pink-topaz

Crystal Child Daughter - I have a 5 year old daughter who is "sensitive." She may be a crystal child. She sees her angels and spirit guides, angels and ghosts. She insists that she is a boy and that once she was my mother. She indicates that her last incarnation was a boy died in a car accident when he was 1. She also remembers the time between lives. She asks me "Remember when I was dead?" Then this morning she was telling me that there is a tunnel "where the babies sleep until they get their mommies". Thought it was very cool! ~Brandy

Advice from Brandy: Write down what your children tell you. Be open to their stories! It will be obvious if it is imagined or a real past life memory!

Old Man Nephew - My nephew is nearly four years old. For nearly as long as he could talk my nephew has been referring to himself as an old man. His great granda (my granda) died 2 years before he was born and he talks about knowing him and how when my granda was a boy he looked after his bantys, which is a type of small hen. On another occasion he talked about how he used to live in our house and did 'little jobs' around the garden. He was able to describe his height as being 'taller than granda, with no beard." ~maryt

Shark Attacked Me - As a kid I had a recurring dream about a shark attack. I think I had those dreams when I was between 3-5 years old. Since the memory from womb was also bugging me during that period (it bothered me because I didn't know what it was at that time), I'm tempted to believe that shark attack dream was memory of my death. I was under water, able to breath, but somewhat close to the surface. Sea was perfectly clear, light blue, there was sunlight and there was absolutely nothing anywhere near me. All of a sudden a shark appears and bites off bottom part of my body. Then I would wake up, quite scared and shocked of course. I remember many dreams, but this one was unlike any other. I don't think I talked about it with my parents. My grandma used to live close to the beach, but I only used to play with pebbles and in very shallow water... and I don't recall anyone ever mentioning sharks. As a grownup, I LOVE swimming, the sea (ocean not so much :) and ANYTHING related to it. I get rejuvenated just by looking at water. But I never swim far from the shore because it terrifies me that I don't know what's underneath me. ~Anonim

Advice from Anonim: Be supportive and encourage your children to talk about their dreams. I would assume that most kids are confused about such memories and can't really tell where they come from.

Son Remembers Dying - My son comes to me in the den on 5/22/04 @ 10:00 p.m. and says..."Mommy,I died when I was six" (he got my attention, so I start asking him... when , how, who... WHAT?) I wrote exactly what he said. (my questions to him are in parenthesis)

That man picked up a gun and there was blood on my cheek. He killed me down. You picked up the gun (what happened?) and the guy the killing guy picked up the gun. (what'd he do w/ the gun?) He killed me down and played with it. (how old were you?) 6, and I died. (what was your name when you died?) Ummm, I don't know. (what about mommy?) I was dead, that guy killed me and I got bloo

(who was the guy w/ the gun ?) (what was his name) I don't know him,I don't know him mommy, I'll go check outside, but I don't have shoes, and he's not outside anymore. (so do i know the guy?) Mmm hmm, but his name is, I don't know he's a guy, a 'gaygo guy' that's what his name is, it goes and stops... stop ..go...stop...go... that's what it does.

(inside or outside?) Outside, he came inside, and got the gun, and he went outside to check and then he got me (then what?) "and he came in bedroom (and then?) he killed me, I'm scared of him" (did he knock on the door?) mm hmm and killed me down. He was a big guy (what color hair?) His hair was yellow (what did he look like) Red shirt, and what was his face? I don't know. (where were mommy and daddy?) He wasn't going to kill me, he was being nice.

(but where were mommy and daddy) In the house, daddy was in the living room. (who opened the door to let him in?) My daddy" (did he kill daddy?) Nope, he didn't, you packed our stuff and we goed. (then what?) We comed back home, and there wasn't a guy, there was another guy comed, and we loved him. (who was he?) No he didn't have a name, people didn't give his name because he's a guy and I don't know his name.

(where were mommy and daddy when the new guy came?) I don't know where he is, I opened the door and there was a little girl kitty. (did the kitty have a name?) No (did you pet her?) Yes I did pet her, I love to pet her. I don't know where the gun is, and the big guy didn't know how to get it" (where did you go after you died?) I runned and runned and runned to all the houses, to grammas to & to grampa's. (were they home) No.

(did you see any angels?) No, they're not back yet, they have to fly here, but when did I see an angel? (did you ever see god?) No I didn't, he's a fairy, and I don't know where he is, but he's a big fairy. (what's a fairy?) I don't know. The man shot hisself, I watched him do it. He killed himself in the chin, he got the gun and killed hisself. I watched him do it. ( where were you before you lived with mommy and daddy?) Where the rocks are. (what color rocks) Green and I colored them palakek. Tthere were steps and I falled down. ~Glittery Butterfly

Daughter Remembers Drowning - Several years ago, when my daughter was about three or four years old, she approached me while I was reading a card sent by a family member. The picture on the front was a water-color reproduction of a little boat on a lake. She pointed to it and said, "I've been on a boat like that." I said, "Really?" (knowing she had NEVER been out on ANY boat.) She said (in a somber tone), "Yeah. I died there." I know my mouth must've fallen open!! So, I asked her to explain what she meant. She said, "I was in the boat, hit my head and fell in the water. I kept falling and falling, but then I went to God." She raised her arms up in the air and looked up. I was speechless!! I got chills all over. She's now 12 years-old and has no memory of what happened that day. But, I do!! She LOVES boating, and has NO fear of it. About 7 years after her "memory", I was going through some of my husband's photos, and found a picture of her, as a newborn (a few weeks old), on a boat.His family had come to visit, and they took her on a tour boat, without telling me. My now ex-husband said that he knew I would've never allowed her on a boat at that age, so he had always kept it a secret from me. I was hysterical...remembering the story she had told me before. ~Debi