Children's Books About Good Manners

These children’s books about good manners are well written and full of helpful information. Good manners and etiquette are important for children of every age. Several of the books for younger children use humor and clever illustrations to make a point about the need for good manners. These books include a wide range of ages, from 4 to 14.

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Cookies: Bite-Sized Life Lessons

Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons - picture book cover

It's hard to describe Cookies: Bite-Sized Life Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal in a word or two. It's a book that defines, in words and charming illustrations by Jane Dyer, a number of words important to character education, good manners, and etiquette. Cookies: Bite-Sized Life Lessons is also an entertaining children's picture book about young children and fashionably dressed animals working together to make cookies.

All of the words defined, like "cooperate," "respect" and "trustworthy" are defined in the context of making cookies, making their meanings easy for young children to comprehend. Each word is introduced with a double-page or single page illustration. For example, a watercolor of a little girl stirring a bowl of cookie dough while a bunny and dog add chocolate chips illustrates the word "cooperation," which Rosenthal defines as "Cooperate means, How about you add the chips while I stir?"

It's rare to find a book with so much rich content presented in such an entertaining and effective manner. In addition, the children pictured are a diverse group. I recommend Cookies: Bite-Sized Life Lessons for ages 4 to 8. (HarperCollins, 2006. ISBN: 9780060580810)

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Emily Post's The Guide to Good Manners for Kids

Cover art of Emily Posts The Guide to Good Manners for Kids

This comprehensive 144-page guide to good manners is, for the most part, an excellent reference book for older kids and young teens. Written by Peggy Post and Cindy Post Senning, it is as thorough as you would expect from descendants of Emily Post who reigned for many years as the nation’s most well-known expert on matters of good manners and etiquette.

The book covers good manners at home, at school, at play, at restaurants, on special occasions, and more. It does not, however, effectively cover social media etiquette because of the many changes since the book was first published more than 10 years ago. I would hope that an updated edition is in the works. (HarperCollins, 2004. ISBN: 9780060571962)

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Cover art of childrens book Manners by Aliki
Greenwillow Books

Aliki covers a lot of ground in Manners, her children's picture book about good (and bad) manners. She uses one-page stories and comic strip-style art to illustrate good and bad behavior. Interrupting, not sharing, table manners, phone manners, and greetings are some of the topics covered. Aliki uses funny scenarios to illustrate good and bad manners as she demonstrates the importance of good manners. I recommend Manners for ages 4 to 7.  (Greenwillow Books, 1990, 1997. Paperback ISBN: 9780688045791)

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How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

Cover art of children's picture book How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food by Jane Yolen
The Blue Sky Press, An Imprint of Scholastic

This very funny children's picture book about good manners when eating is a favorite with three- to six-year-olds. Told in rhyme by Jane Yolen, How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? contrasts terrible table manners with good table manners. The illustrations by Mark Teague will tickle your child's funny bone. While the illustrations are of typical scenes at the dinner table, all of the children are depicted as huge dinosaurs.

The examples of such bad manners as squirming at the table or playing with food are hilariously portrayed by the dinosaurs. The scenes of dinosaurs behaving well are equally memorable. (Scholastic Audio Books, 2010. Paperback book and CD narrated by Jane Yolen, ISBN: 9780545117555)

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