China Printables

China Printables
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China, the third largest country in the world, is located in the eastern portion of Asia. Officially known as The People's Republic of China, the country has the world's largest population, a whopping 1.3 billion people!

China's civilization dates back thousands of years. Traditionally, the nation has been ruled by powerful families known as dynasties. A series of dynasties were in power from 221 B.C. to 1912.

The Chinese government was taken over by the Communist Party in 1949. This party remains in control of the country today.

One of China's most well-known landmarks is the Great Wall of China. Construction of the wall began in 220 B.C. under China's first dynasty. The wall was built to keep invaders out of the country. At over 5,500 miles long, the Great Wall is the longest structure built by humans.

Mandarin, China's official language, is spoken by more people than any other language. Mandarin is a symbol-based language so it doesn't have an alphabet. It can be difficult to learn because it has four different tones and a neutral tone, which means as single word can have multiple meanings. 

The Chinese New Year is one of China's most popular holidays. It doesn't fall on January 1, as we think of New Year's. Instead, it begins on the first day of the lunar calendar. That means that the date of the holiday varies from year to year. It falls sometime between late January and early February.

The celebration lasts for 15 days and features dragon and lion parades and fireworks. Fireworks were invented in China. Each year is named for an animal in the Chinese zodiac

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China Vocabulary

China Vocabulary Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Vocabulary Sheet 

Use this vocabulary sheet to begin to introduce your students to China. Children should use an atlas, the Internet, or library resources to look up each term and determine it's significance to China. Then, students will write each word on the blank line next to its definition or description.

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China Vocabulary Study Sheet

China Vocabulary Study Sheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Vocabulary Study Sheet 

Students can use this study sheet to check their answers on the vocabulary sheet and as a handy reference during their study of China. 

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China Wordsearch

China Wordsearch. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Word Search 

Continue to explore China with this fun word search. Have your kids find and circle the words related to China such as Beijing, red envelopes, and Tiananmen Gate. Discuss the importance of these words to Chinese culture.

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China Crossword Puzzle

China Crossword Puzzle. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Crossword Puzzle 

Each clue in this crossword puzzle describes a term associated with China. Students can review their knowledge of China by correctly completing the puzzle based on the clues.

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China Challenge

China Challenge Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Challenge 

Students can show what they know about China by correctly completing this challenge worksheet. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options.

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China Alphabet Activity

China Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Alphabet Activity 

This alphabet activity allows for further review of terms associated with China with the added bonus of allowing students to practice their alphabetizing and thinking skills. Students should write each China-themed word in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided. 

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Chinese Vocabulary Study Sheet

Chinese Vocabulary Study Sheet. Beverly Hernandez

The Chinese language is written in character symbols. Pinyin is the translation of those characters into English letters. 

Learning how to say the days of the week and some of the colors and numbers in the country's native language is a fantastic activity for studying another country or culture. 

This vocabulary study sheet teaches students the Chinese pinyin for some simple Chinese vocabulary.

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Chinese Numbers Matching Activity

Chinese Numbers Matching Activity. Beverly Hernandez

See if your students can correctly match the Chinese pinyin to its corresponding numeral and number word.

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Chinese Colors Worksheet

Chinese Colors Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Chinese Colors Worksheet 

Use this multiple choice worksheet to see how well your students remember the Chinese words for each color.

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Chinese Days of the Week Worksheet

Chinese Days of the Week Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

This crossword puzzle will allow your students to review how to say the days of the week in Chinese. 

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Flag of China Coloring Page

Flag of China Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Flag of China Coloring Page 

The flag of China has a bright red background and five golden-yellow stars in the upper left corner. The red color of the flag symbolizes revolution. The large star represents the Communist Party and the smaller stars represent the four classes of society: workers, peasants, soldiers, and students. The flag of China was adopted in September, 1949.

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China Outline Map

China Outline Map. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: China Outline Map 

Use an atlas to fill in the states and territories of China. Mark the capital city, major cities and waterways, and important landmarks.

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The Great Wall of China Coloring Page

The Great Wall of China Coloring Page. Beverly Hernandez

Color the picture of the Great Wall of China.

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