Chinese Gods and Goddesses

Some of the major Chinese gods and goddesses

Bixia Yuanjin

Bixia Yuanjin is a Chinese Taoist goddess of childbirth, the dawn, and destiny.


The Bodhisattva Guanyin is a Chinese comforting and mother goddess, although sometimes she is a he.


The Chinese moon goddess, Heng-O was the mother of the 12 moons and 10 suns.

Mu Gong

Yang counterpart of Yin goddess Si-wang-mu, creator god Mu Gong was the Lord of the East.


Nügua is a Chinese creator goddess who made man from area mud.


Pangu was the Chinese creator god who emerged from the cosmic egg.


Shangdi was the supreme deity during the Shang dynasty and creator god before Pangu.


Si-wang-mu, who lived eternally in the Jade Mountains, was a Chinese mother goddess or Mother Queen of the West.


Also known as Mazu
Tianhou is a Buddhist and Taoist goddess of sailors.
She is a patron of the sea and those in distress.


Yen-lo-wang is the ruler of the 5th Court of the Chinese Hell, Feng-Du.


Yu-huang is the the Jade Emperor who created the universe and is ruler of heaven and earth.