Traditional Chinese Wedding Dresses

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At most Chinese weddings, the bride wears a qipao. At many Chinese weddings, the bride wears more than one Chinese wedding dress. Most brides opt for three dresses -- one red qipao, one white, Western-style wedding gown, and a third ball gown. The bride will begin the wedding banquet with one dress of these dresses.

After three courses are served, the bride usually changes into her second Chinese wedding dress. After the sixth course, the bride will change once again into her third Chinese wedding dress. Some brides may opt for a fourth Chinese wedding dress to be worn as when greeting guests as they leave the wedding party.

The groom typically wears one or two suits. While some grooms may opt for a traditional Zhongshan suit or Mao suit, it is more likely to see older guests wearing a Mao suit. Instead, most grooms wear tuxedos or Western-style business suits.

In addition to the Chinese wedding dresses worn on the wedding day, the bride and groom may either wear the same dresses for their Chinese wedding photos or wear a completely different set of clothing.

Wedding guests usually wear bright colors especially red which symbolizes luck and wealth in Chinese culture. Guests should avoid white, which is reserved for the bride, and black, which is considered a somber color.

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