Chris Adams

Chris Adams is a human factors engineer and industrial designer. As human factors engineering is the parent discipline of ergonomics, he is well-versed in the impact of good design on both health, comfort and efficiency.


Chris has provided human factors engineering support to NASA on International Space Station systems and payloads. He is currently working on the Ares I launch vehicle. Working on projects of this magnitude in the unforgiving environments of space and space launch has been a unique and educational experience for him.

Chris has worked as an independent consultant on various design projects. He specializes in furniture design and corporate identity.


Chris received his bachelor's degree in industrial design from Auburn University.

Chris Adams

The utility of an item is the only true measure of the quality of its design. The job of any designer is to find innovative ways to increase the utility of a product. Making an item intuitive and comfortable to use will ensure its success in the marketplace and it's success in the user's life. Ergonomics is the study of making products comfortable. Making an item easy to hold, handle, lift, and balance, as well as easy to use, is all part of ergonomics. With a good understanding of ergonomic principles, you can begin to see that you can make small changes in how you perform everyday tasks that will help you decrease fatigue, avoid injury, and improve your overall quality of life.

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