16 Halloween Costumes for Christian Teens

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Bible-Themed Costumes for Teens

Christian Halloween Costumes
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A Christian Halloween costume sounds like an oxymoron, right? Well, some believers do actually dress up and celebrate on Halloween.

If you're one of those Christians who wants to incorporate your faith into how you dress up, then maybe choosing a Bible-themed outfit is the way to go. Also, if your church hosts a Bible hero night as an alternative Halloween activity, some of these might just fit the bill.

Get ready to scare the Hades out of your holiday with these Halloween costumes for Christian teens.

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Costume #1: Noah's Ark

Animal Costumes
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For this one you'll need a few friends to pair up as animals aboard Noah's Ark. You can purchase animal costumes or even dress in monochrome and use face paint to bring out your inner animal. Don't be afraid to go wild.

Another option is to print animals on t-shirts and go in pairs.

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Costume #2: Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost
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Ghost costumes are a Halloween tradition, so it's pretty easy to modify one to be the Holy Ghost. Keep it simply and write Holy Ghost across your chest, or abbreviate with "HG" in the style of Superman.

Another idea is to use a top sheet and cut holes in it. (But, hey, ask your parents before cutting holes in Mom's favorites sheets.)

Consider attaching glow sticks or a battery operated string of lights so you will glow with the light of the Holy Spirit.

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Costume #3: Angel

Angel Costume
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Angels are a Halloween staple, and a tried and true Christian Halloween costume. If you have an all-white outfit, turning into an angel is pretty easy. Make or find a halo and wings, and you're ready for flight.

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Costume #4: Nun

Nun costume
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A nun costume may require a bit of money, as most people don't have a habit hanging in their closet. Your local costume shop should carry a nun's garment, or your can "order" one online. (Order, get it?)

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Costume #5: Priest

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If you have a pair of black pants, then you'll only need a clerical shirt and collar. You can find this clothing online or at a local costume retailer. Don't be surprised if people want to confess their sins to you and ask for forgiveness.

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Costume #6: Saint

Saint John the Baptist
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Why not become a saint for the day? Saint Agnes would only require a white choir robe and a blue shawl.

Wear a burlap sack, tie it with rope at the waist and carry a jug of locust dipped in honey. If you guessed St. John the Baptist, you would be correct.

For St. Francis of Assisi, dress in a brown robe and bring the dog for a walk (he's the patron saint of animals). Check out this list of famous saints. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you'll be on your way to sainthood.

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Costume #7: Judges

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Dressing up as the book of Judges is more about representing an idea of the book. You can dress up in a black robe with a gavel and a Bible.

Or choose a character from the book, like Deborah, Gideon, Samson or Delilah.

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Costume #8: Kings

King and Queen
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Like Judges, this costume can be more about representing the concept of the books of Kings rather than specific characters.

Dress up in a royal robe with a golden crown, while holding a Bible to represent the Old Testament books.

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Costume #9: The Plagues of Egypt

The Plagues of Egypt
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If you have a group of people, you can dress as the plagues of Egypt. Decorate t-shirts with blood, frogs, ping pong balls as hail, lice (and to add effect, mess up your hair as if you've been scratching), plastic flies, #1 Son (to represent the death of the first born), and locusts.

Someone can wear all black to represent the plague of darkness, another can dress as a sick animal for the plague on livestock. If you're good with makeup, create boils on someone's face, but you may not have anyone willing to be this plague.

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Costume #10: The Three Wise Men

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Dressing up as the Magi for Halloween will take some preparation. These are elaborate costumes, but they will definitely be recognizable. Be sure to find some gold, frankincense, and myrrh to complete the ensemble.

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Costume #11: Shepherd

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A shepherd costume requires a robe with a rope belt and a shepherd's staff. Robe colors are usually white, brown, or gray, but any color will do. Another fun group costume is for one or two people to dress as shepherds while the rest dress as sheep, using white clothes with cotton glued on.

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Costume #12: David

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The key to a good David costume is a slingshot, but you might want to add a short white robe with a sash and a headband. If you have a tall friend, the two of you can go as David and Goliath.

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Costume #13: The Holy Family

The Holy Family
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Going with another robe-based costume, dress up as Mary and Joseph. This is an easy one. You'll need two people (a boy and a girl) and two robes. Wrap a doll in a blanket for Baby Jesus and your Holy Family is ready to travel.

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Costume #14: Jesus

Jesus Costume
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Jesus Christ is a popular Christian Halloween Costume. Wear a simple white robe with a red sash for an outfit. Add a beard, long hair, and leather sandals to complete the look.

Tip: If you're going to imitate Christ on Halloween, be sure to appropriately represent the real Jesus.

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Costume #15: Jonah and the Whale

Jonah and the Whale
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Cut cardboard into the shape of a whale and paint it to look like a big fish. Attach it to suspenders or rope to hang over your shoulders. Voila. You are Jonah inside the belly of the whale.

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Costume #16: The 10 Commandments

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Another way to use cardboard for Halloween is to cut out tablet-shaped pieces and paint them to look like stone, with letters or Roman Numerals representing the 10 Commandments. Attach the tablets to rope to hang over your shoulders (like a placard one wears to advertise a sandwich shop).

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