Christian Rap Music Videos

In 1985, Stephen Wiley's 1985 album Bible Break broke ground as the first commercially released Christian rap album. In the 25+ years since then, Christian rap has come a long way and it's now a norm rather than a novelty.

Christian Rap Music Videos honor Christ and you never have to worry about sex, drugs or crime being glorified when you watch them.

Have you seen ...?

Andy Mineo
Andy Mineo. Reach Records

By the time he was 17, Andy Mineo, known then as "C-Lite," had already made a name for himself in mainstream rap. He had the money, the beginnings of fame and an emptiness that only Jesus could fill. A God-inspired meeting with producer Alex Medina changed all of that.

Andy Mineo Music Videos

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Bobby Bishop
Bobby Bishop. Bobby Bishop

Bobby Bishop is a man who wears many hats -- twin, husband, father, social worker, youth pastor and Christian rapper. His talent is only surpassed by his heart for helping those lost in the darkness.

Bobby Bishop Music Videos

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Flame. Clear Sight Music

With Grammy, Dove and Stellar Awards nominations under his belt, FLAME has released several albums and has formed his own record label.

FLAME Music Videos

  • "Move" (Watch)
  • "Surrender" (featuring V. Rose) (Watch)
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JSon. Lamp Mode Recordings

Living proof that God can change any heart, Json went from the streets to the jail house before giving is life to Jesus. This rapper is now a husband, father, minister and a teacher.

Json Music Videos

  • "Goodbye" (Watch)
  • "Parent Me" (featuring J.R.) (Watch)
  • "Goon" (featuring Thi'sl & AD3) (Watch)
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KB. Reach Records

From the suburbs to the hood, failing high school to Bible College, the founding member of His Glory Alone (HGA) has walked on both sides of the tracks and, through the grace of God, lived to tell about it.

KB Music Videos

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KJ-52. bec Recordings

Since 2000, KJ-52 has been making music and winning awards.

KJ-52 Music Videos

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Lecrae. Reach Records

The co-founder of Reach Records makes music that makes a difference, all while helping other hip hop artists get their message out to the masses.

Lecrae Music Videos

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Manafest. BEC Recordings

Chris Greenwood, aka Manafest, was discovered by Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan, signed by BEC Recordings/Uprok and several years (and awards later), he's still mixing rap and rock like the pro that he is.

Manafest Music Videos

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Skrip. Skrip

Chicago emcee/producer Skrip sequenced his first hip-hop instrumental track when he was only 12 years old.

Skrip Music Videos

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Tedashii. Reach Records

His first life plan was fame and fortune. In college, after meeting Jesus, that changed to college ministry. God, however, had a plan all along. Tedashii's roommates, Lecrae and Sho Baraka, were used by God to show him the path to ministry through rap music.

Tedashii Music Videos

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Thi'sl. Syntax Creative

Thi'sl says that his path is to make "biblical knowledge meet real people in their current realities" and his music does that and then some.

Thi'sl Music Videos

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tobyMac. Forefront Records

The man who was ranked #1 in CCM Magazine's 25 Most Important Artists Shaping Christian Music Today list in 2003 is one of the best known names in all of Christian music.

tobyMac Music Videos

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Tripp Lee
Tripp Lee. Reach Records

One of the founding members of the 116 Clique, Trip Lee has gone on to become a popular solo artist, releasing projects since 2006.

Trip Lee Music Videos

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