'I Love You Always' - Christian Wedding Songs by Aaron Eddy

Aaron Eddy - I Love You Always
Aaron Eddy - I Love You Always. Apg Productions

Aaron Eddy, the Associate Pastor of Worship Ministry at River City Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, has been leading worship since 1997. In 2003, he released his debut album, I Love You... Always, through APG Music. Each song on the release was written for couples who were getting married or already joined in holy matrimony. 

Each song on I Love You... Always was written by Eddy and was inspired by his own marriage to his wife and the mother of his four children, Dawn.

He wrote "Always" for his own wedding and performed it as his bride was entering the sanctuary and walking down the aisle.

In a press release, Pastor Eddy talked about the other songs and the project as a whole, explaining that it was meant to inspire couples to "open channels of communication so that their relationship might be strengthened." He further said, "God placed a desire in my heart to write songs that would say what we as men sometimes feel, but don't always put into words."

"Never Would've Known"

From the song ...

And now, he's taking me to new heights
And showing me how to do right
By you, the woman made just for me
And I never ever could be complete without you, Baby.


From the song ...

I know I can't love you like the Son of Man
No greater love than when He died, He died for a friend
But my love compares because it's, it's God Divine Plan
I can only promise you that I'll do, the very best that I can

"Best In Me"

From the song ...

Not a day goes by
when I don't think of you
I am truly blessed
to find someone like you

"Always" (Acoustic Version)

From the song ...

I love you, I love you
Right after I sing, I'll wed you with this ring
I love you, I love you
I'll never be ashamed, of what God has ordained
So here I do stand before God, before man
And I proclaim this day and always ...

I love you

"I'm Still in Awe"

From the song ...

I'm so enthralled by you
I'm still in awe you said I do
Today my love I'm yours for love

Each of these songs speaks from the heart and they are all as perfect for any wedding ceremony today as they were when the project was released in 2003. They are all passionate and say the things that your heart is thinking, touching all of those listening as they stand with you to say "I do" to the one that you are vowing to share your life with.