Christmas Activities, Worksheets, and Lesson Plans

Ideas to Make Your December School Days Bright

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In December, students are excited about the holidays, decorating, and almost two weeks of vacation. The right resources can help special education teachers harness that excitement to support learning. These resources include lesson plans, printable worksheets, writing prompts, and more.

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"Jingle Math" Uses Christmas Themed Manipulates for Problem Solving

"Jingle Math" uses pictures with magnets on the back to teach math problem-solving. We provide you free printable pictures that you can print on cardstock, color, and cut out, as well as some ideas for "Math Narratives" for your children to solve.

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Graphic Organizers for Christmas

These graphic organizers offer activities to stimulate thought, start writing, or encourage creativity. Many of the activities would be excellent for independent work time while you teach small groups.

Among the graphic organizers are Venn diagrams, where students compare American traditions and the traditions of other countries.

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Easy Christmas Dot to Dots for Counting

Dot to dots are great ways to encourage children to practice counting. These dot to dots are easy, with counting by one to ten or twenty, as well as skip counting versions for 5's and 10's. Skip counting is a critical foundational skill for learning to count money and tell times.

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A Christmas Brainstorm Activity

This activity generates lots of ideas and can be a great way to build collaboration skills: put your students in cross-ability groups and assign recorder and reporter roles.

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Christmas Writing Activities

Here are several pages for Christmas writing. Even your most challenged writers are going to be enthusiastic about writing for Christmas. You will find graphic organizers to help them get started as well.

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Lesson Plans for Christmas

These lesson plans cover five days of activities for a full inclusion classroom, with lots of collaborative activities and a big emphasis on diversity. Students are encouraged to learn about the cultural practices surrounding Christmas of other countries. The last lesson includes a story about Christmas in Uganda by Dinah Senkungu, a special educator teaching in the United States with a school she founded in Uganda.

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A Lesson Plan for Christmas Shopping

This lesson plan builds on students' excitement over Christmas, especially shopping. Using the flyers from the Sunday newspaper, students choose gifts for their family members, add them together, and compare them to a budget. This lesson includes PDFs for a T chart for the presentation, for a rubric, and a worksheet to gather information and plan for each person to receive a gift.

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