Christmas Brainstorm Activity

Christmas lessons and activities are great motivational techniques. Some of the best activities in an inclusional classroom include brainstorming activities. When you provide students with the opportunity to brainstorm, you are actually using differentiated instruction. Brainstorms work well for gifted learners, mainstream learners and disabled learners.

Use the Printable Activity PDF or try some of the suggestions below.

1. How many different Christmas words can you think of?

2. How many different things can you put on a Christmas tree?

3. What realistic types of gifts do you want this year and why?

4. How many different things can you do on the Christmas holiday?

5. How many different foods can you think of for Christmas?

6. Why is Christmas special to you?

7. How many different Christmas songs can you think of?

8. How many words can you find using only the letters in the word Christmas?

9. List all your different memories of Christmas.

10. Think of all the different things that happen at your house at Christmas. (Types of decorations, visitors etc.)

Brainstorms can be in writing or done in small or large groups in the classroom. All students have the chance to feel successful during brainstorm types of activities.

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