Christmas Full Moon in Cancer (2015)

Coming Home

Christmas Flight / Image Credit: Gansovsky Vladislav.

It's a Yuletide Full Moon, right on Christmas Day (December 25th).

The last Christmas Full Moon was in 1977, and the next one isn't until 2034!

This big lunar wave might be in Cancer, the sign that has one eye longingly on the past.  And yet, the beacon of a brighter future, with unexpected plot twists, is an active electrified current, as well.

What I'm talking about is revolting, jolting Uranus, going direct on this day, too.

  Uranus (in fire sign Aries) brings out the will and will power -- this is potentially incendiary, if we're trying to make nice at the holidays. 

Uranus turns direct at 17 degrees, and has been retrograde since July 26th (at 20 degrees Aries).  There could be a sense of being on the verge, and some frisson in the air. 

We catch the drift of an inspired future, but it may clash with the reality we're living.  Cancer (Moon) and Capricorn (Sun) are the signs of tending home, as a base for contributing in the wider sphere of the commonwealth (the earth we all share).  

At the Full Moon, we see how home base (or lack of it) serves who we are now, and who we are becoming.   A burning question could be, how to take that urge to have a secure home and make a lasting contribution, and use it as momentum forward. 

Cardinal energies are strong, with Cancer's waves of emotion, showing us what matters, helping to heal our weary souls.

Here now, we are gifted with knowing what to unearth and release...and what's worthy ground on which to build a future of growing love and abundance.

Common Sense

Even though Uranus brings some thrills and shocks, I appreciate how Mercury and Jupiter are in a trine on this special day.  Both are in earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, for a measured approach, and maybe even moderation at the dessert table.

Expressions of thoughtfulness are valued over showy, potentially fake affection.  Sincerity counts bigtime in this atmosphere.  It reminds me of how we in our family decided to give the gift of presence and not presents this year. 

Emotional Outbursts

If there are gaps between your true feelings, and the pressure to repress or hide them, the dam breaks at the Full Moon. This can be a shocking experience, but also lead to more emotional authenticity.

A time for great growth in relationships, with raw truths exposed and integrated. And relief as a new ground settles that feels truer, without needing to pretend to feel something you don't, or bottle things up.

Financial issues may come to a head, with all the fears that ride in with them -- about security, the future, or taking care of those you love. Nurture yourself through any emotional waves, and let them find their way to integration.

It can feel messy and chaotic, before the waters calm again. There can be emotional catharsis at this Full Moon. Dance it, draw it, write a story about it, or walk it out (by the ocean, in the forest or park).

Reach out to those you can be real with. This is also a Full Moon of winter cozy, intimacy, family love, domestic bliss.

Find new ways to self soothe. This is a Full Moon to soften defenses, and revive the magical child with its wide-eyed wonder and vulnerability.  The child rests assured that there is a mature counterpart on watch, alert to what's happening and capable of making wise choices.

Themes and Tips

When the Moon is full in Cancer, the Sun is in the opposite sign of Capricorn.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, known for initiating, pushing the envelope, provoking, forging ahead. Cancer is a water sign that moves through tidal emotional waves, vivid moods and the imagination.

Full Moon in Cancer: early childhood memories; family history; returning to the watery Source; home security; family loyalties and dependencies; a sense of belonging; being nurtured and comforted; the longing for Mother, women's company, the feminine in men (or the Sacred Feminine); creating safety in which to grow; finding emotional trust in relationships; daring to be vulnerable; having the courage to be true to your feelings.

This Full Moon illuminates: deep emotional needs; unconscious behaviors; homesickness; longing for a family and children; the protected home sanctuary; national identity (tribe, kinship, ancestry); family legacies, security fears.

It's a Good Time to:

  • Share resources with family (chosen or genetic), as in moving in together to create a home.
  • Be assertive with your values of inter-relatedness, empathy and respect for the cycle of life.
  • Be with the muse, and receive impressions from the imagination.
  • Acknowledge your vulnerabilities.
  • Nurture and allow yourself to be nurtured.
  • Protect the frail, young or helpless.
  • Give shelter to an animal or neighbor from the storm.
  • Tune in to your ancestors.
  • Make something artful from your memories.
  • Indulge your sentimental side.
  • Reach out to an old friend.
  • Be near the ocean.