Christmas Journal Writing Prompts

Use these holiday writing prompts to make journal time festive in December

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Journal writing, at least three times per week, is an important part of any language arts program in elementary school.

These Christmas writing topics will inspire your students to write about the festive and seasonal ideas that are on our minds every December.

Christmas Journal Writing Topics

  • What does it mean to have the "holiday spirit"?
  • Why do you think red and green are the Christmas colors?
  • What are you and your family most grateful for this holiday season? Write about three or more things.
  • Describe what you know about the North Pole. Describe a typical day for the elves.
  • Take five minutes to draw your family celebrating the holidays. Then write in detail about your traditions. Use your five senses to describe the celebration's tastes, looks, smells, and textures.
  • Tell about how each member of your family contributes to your Christmas traditions.
  • If Christmas is one of your favorite holidays, describe why you enjoy it so much. Are there any parts of the holiday that you don't like? If you don't enjoy Christmas the most, how do you think it could be made better?
  • What is your favorite Christmas book? Describe the plot and your reactions to it.
  • What are your wishes for the world this holiday season?
  • Use your imagination to describe Santa's journey with his reindeer. Start from the moment he packs up the sleigh to when he returns back to the North Pole.
  • Do you wish Christmas was every day of the year? Why or why not?
  • Pick three New Year's Resolutions. Describe why you picked them and how you will accomplish them.
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