Christmas Math Word Problems

Customize These Christmas and Hanukkah Math Ideas to Suit Any Grade Level

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Christmas Math Word Problems are an easy way to infuse the December holiday spirit into every part of the school day. Customize these general Christmas and Hanukkah- themed concepts to suit whatever grade level that you teach.

Word Problems

Below you will find five addition and subtraction word problems, five multiplication and division word problems, and two Christmas math problems for your more advanced students.

Use the last two problems as extra credit, or save to do as a whole class.


  1. Mrs. Michaelson baked 14 sugar cookies on Monday, 21 pies on Tuesday, and 8 fruitcakes on Wednesday. How many goodies did she bake altogether?
  2. Jacob and Miriam played "Spin the Dreidel" for one hour. Miriam won 43 times and Jacob won 29 times. How many more times did Miriam win than Jacob.
  3. Mr. Tyson went to the store to buy the food for Christmas dinner. He spent $27.64 on vegetables, $42.81 on ham, and $21.32 on beverages. How much did Mr. Tyson spend altogether?
  4. Grandma brought 3 dozen sugar cookies to Christmas Eve dinner. All but 8 were eaten that night. How many cookies were eaten?
  5. The elves in the North Pole made 1,042 toys in October, 2,945 toys in November, and 3,314 toys in December. How many toys did the elves make in all three months put together?


  1. Each fruitcake serves 11 people. There are 4 pies on the table. How many people will this feed?
  1. Santa Claus brought 4 gifts for each child in the Jones household. There are 5 children in the house. How many gifts did Santa bring to the Jones children altogether?
  2. The Christmas tree farm is selling trees for $23 each. They have sold 31 so far in the month of December. How much money has the farm made so far in tree sales?
  1. The Christmas tree farm has 51 rows of trees and 14 trees in each row. How many trees are there in all?
  2. Each bag of Hanukkah gelt has 8 pieces in it. Joseph collected 12 bags of Hanukkah gelt. How many pieces of gelt does he have altogether?


  • Lois bought three hams for three different prices. The prices were $14.75, $12.16, and $21.55. What is the average cost of the hams? Round to the nearest cent.
  • Santa and his reindeer flew 16,547 miles on Christmas eve last year. This year, they flew 16,574 miles. Write an inequality to compare each year's mileage. Use the less than or greater than sign.

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