Christmas Movies about Angels

Christmas Angel Videos to Enjoy this Holiday Season

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You have lots of Christmas movies about angels to choose from this holiday season on video or television. Vesnaandjic/Getty Images

Many different Christmas movies about angels have been made over the years, since angels played important roles in the original Christmas story and continue to be popular throughout the holiday season. Here's are descriptions of some famous Christmas angel movies that you and your loved ones can enjoy on television or video.

It's a Wonderful Life

If you only make time to watch one Christmas movie about angels, this should be it.

'It's a Wonderful Life' became a Christmas classic for its inspiring message that life is always worth living -- even in the most difficult or tragic circumstances -- because God has good and important purposes for every person's life. The angel in this film, Clarence Oddbody (Henry Travers), is the most famous movie angel of all. Clarence is a quirky, befuddled angel who has come to Earth on a mission to help a suicidal man (the great actor Jimmy Stewart) learn to see the value of his life from God's perspective. As "an angel second-class" without wings, Clarence hopes to advance his angelic rank to first class and earn his wings in heaven by successfully completing the mission.

The Bishop's Wife

The Bishop's Wife features what may be the most handsome angel on film, Dudley (played by the debonair Cary Grant). Dudley visits a church bishop and his wife to encourage them as they try to raise money to build a cathedral to serve people in their congregation.

But while Dudley is busy answering their prayers, he also struggles with a romantic attraction to the bishop's wife (Loretta Young). The stress of trying to raise the money they need puts pressure on couple's marriage, just as Dudley and Julia are tempted to have an affair. But in the end, Dudley resists the temptation to sin and strengthens the couple's faith in God before returning to heaven.

'The Bishop's Wife' was remade as 'The Preacher's Wife' starring Whitney Houston and Denzel Washington.

The Nativity Story

This movie is set in Bible times, dramatically depicting the challenges that the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph faced after the Annunciation, when Archangel Gabriel told Mary that God had chosen her to serve as the mother of Jesus Christ on Earth.

One Magic Christmas

In this movie, a guardian angel (Harry Dean Stanton) comes to Earth to try to restore a woman's faith in time for the Christmas holidays. The woman (Mary Steenburgen) is depressed about the state of her life, including the financial struggles her family faces due to her husband's unemployment. The angel shows her that she actually has a lot to be thankful for that she hadn't noticed before.

Christmas Angel

This TV movie shows a schoolgirl learning what really happens to the Christmas wishes people leave on notes outside a house they think is abandoned. It highlights the main job of angels: to be God's messengers. 'Christmas Angel' encourages viewers to pray and trust God to ultimately do what's best in challenging situations.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

When Mike (Mickey Rooney), a retired police officer, dies before he has a chance to take his grandson on the Christmas holiday trip to New York City he had promised the boy, he convinces an archangel in heaven to let him return to his earthly body for one week.

Mike and his grandson are then miraculously able to enjoy Christmas in New York together before Mike returns to heaven.