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Bob Rivers'
Bob Rivers' "Twisted Christmas". Bob Rivers' "Twisted Christmas"

Looking for Christmas music? It's everywhere! Just look!

Christmas Music Online

Christmas, Seasonal & Holiday Music Online - Need some holiday spirit? There are many online Web Radio stations on the Internet to choose from for Christmas, seasonal and holiday listening. Try them all, bookmark the ones you like. (See the list)

iHeartRadio Puts the 'Home' Back into Online Christmas Music

iHeartRadio offers pre-programmed Christmas radio streams and access to online streams of traditional stations throughout the country that are playing holiday music.

If you're looking to accentuate your Christmas music with a taste of your hometown or favorite city, it might be possible.

Customize Your Online Christmas Music with Slacker Holiday Radio

Slacker is a free online Internet radio portal which lets users customize music stations - including during the holidays. The technical and programming quality is excellent as is, but if you sign up you can customize your experience even more. These stations are free to listen to. Read more. is Still Streaming!

Internet pioneer, is still providing a multitude of great streams including holiday music. Find out more here.

Satellite Radio

Christmas Music on SIRIUS and XM Satellite and Internet Radio - SIRIUS XM Radio offers a good choice of commercial-free holiday music channels during Christmas and Hanukkah season. Subscribers can hear contemporary music and traditional favorites on "Holly"...

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A Local Radio Station

Radio Stations that Become Christmas Stations - What's the Deal With These "All Christmas" Radio Stations? - A visitor to wants to know more about radio stations that change format just for the Christmas season. James writes: "My question, is this a bold move, a bad mistake, or the way the industry is headed?" (Answer)

Put Some Fun into Your Holiday

Christmas Music Parodies Bob Rivers: The Radio Guy Who "Twisted Christmas" Forever - Back in the early 1990s, a Radio guy named Bob Rivers, who now does mornings at KZOK-FM in Seattle, changed the Christmas season forever when he released an album of holiday parody songs called “Twisted Christmas”. (Read More)

The Funny Side of Christmas Radio

  • Exclusive Christmas Interview: Inside K-ELF Radio - The recession has even hit the North Pole. Because toy requests have fallen, Santa's Elves have thrown in to start their own online radio station: K-ELF.
  • Radio Business Fears Return Of Annual 'Grandma' Christmas Song - Don't look now, but if you turn on your radio, you will no doubt hear that "Grandma" song. Yeah, that's the one. We hate it and we love it. But, I promise: it's the bane of Deejays and Program Directors worldwide!
  • Radio Writes to Santa Claus - If some Radio folks wrote to Santa Claus, what might they be asking for this year? Maybe something like what's depicted in the following satirical and fictitious letters.
  • Radio to Santa: Meet Your New Consultant - When a Radio station isn't doing so well in the ratings, sometimes it will hire a consultant. Radio consultants get paid to change things. Generally, they change things for the better. Sometimes, though, you have to wonder.

    Radio-Themed Christmas Gift Tags - Decorate your gifts with these original gift tags featuring radio themes. These tags can be printed off on your computer. See all five.